5 Top Locations for Off-Roading Adventure

5 Top Locations for Off-Roading Adventure
Sometimes you just have to get off the beaten path and take the road less traveled. Whether you want to see the leaves change in the fall or explore some

Liam Hemsworth surfs in California

Liam was born in Melbourne, and by turning eight years old, his family moved to Phillip Island. He spent much of his time surfing with his Hollywood actor brothers Chris and

OUE Skyspace LA

California is now adorned by OUE Skyspace LA, a beautiful slide which is made of glass. The brand new slide with the amazing 1.25in/3.1cm glassy design, is giving wonderful sight

Climbing to propose to girlfriend!

Morro Rock is a dangerous volcanic plug like no other in California. However, a 27-year-old man dared to climb this dangerous rock for the sole reason of asking his betrothed in