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Longboarding is an extreme sport which means that you need to take precautions when you are practicing it. Even if you are just a beginner, you should wear safety gear. Here is how to use longboards for beginners:

"Surfing in Fistral Beach"

Protective equipment 

You should wear protective equipment because it provides safety in case something goes wrong. The helmet will protect your head in case of an accident, and the pads will protect your body in case of falls because the latter is usually much harder than the former. It is also recommended to buy longboards at Freeride Surf and Skate NZ.

Long pants 

You should always wear long pants because they protect your legs when falls occur. If you do not wear long pants, your skin can be seriously injured when it scrapes against the ground after a fall.

Wrist guards 

You should also wear wrist guards to protect your wrists when you fall because hard contact with the floor or other types of surfaces can damage them or cause a sprain or broken bones.

Wear shoes 

When you go out on the road, wear shoes with a flat sole since they offer more stability than shoes with a curved one and reduce the chances of falling while longboarding.

Prevent accidents 

When practicing this sport, pay attention to your surroundings so that you can react to any obstacles that might get in your way and prevent accidents from occurring.


Beginners should also pick a board that has a good design and a simple shape. A beginner’s longboard should not have too many bumps or curves so the rider can easily learn how to ride it.

Deck construction 

Beginners should also pick a board with good deck construction. A beginner’s longboard must have a strong deck not easily break when dropped or bumped into something.


So what size longboard should you pick? Longboards measure about 9-10 feet long and usually top out at 33-35 inches wide.

The length of the board will depend on your height. If you are taller, go for longer longboards so you can balance easier. If you are shorter, use smaller boards that will be easier to maneuver.

Exclusively for beginners

Also, make sure that your first board is actually meant for beginners. Many experienced riders prefer boards that aren’t ideal for beginners because they’re more maneuverable and offer more control. Beginners should choose wider boards and have bigger wheels than those used by experienced riders, which makes it easier to balance and provides better stability at slower speeds.

The final say 

If you are using longboards for your travels, these boards must be quality. You don’t want your board breaking on you while riding around! Not only does this put yourself in danger but also anyone who happens to be around you. If you have a low-quality board, it makes sense to have a backup board in case something happens to your main one.

For beginners, I recommend buying a small or medium longboard. Smaller boards are easier to control, while larger ones are harder to control. With that being said, I have always preferred riding on medium longboards. Large boards are usually used by advanced riders who enjoy tricks and want more speed.

Small boards usually range from 27 inches to 31 inches in length, while medium boards usually range from 33 inches to 37 inches in length. Decide what you want your board for before you buy it because it will most likely be too difficult to use if you buy the wrong board for your needs.