Four Wheel Driving in Catahula Recreation Club, Alexandria, Louisiana USA

Type :
Trail length / elevation:
10 mi/16 km / 150 - 200 ft/46 - 61 m
Level / fee:
Experts / Per OHV, entrance, electricity and RV
Alexandria is a city situated on the south bank of the Red River in Louisiana, USA. The city is located in almost the exact geographic center of the state. Alexandria is the principal city of the Alexandria Metropolitan Area and the parish seat of Rapides Parish.

Near Alexandria in Sicily Island, you will come across one of the most amazing private offroad parks, Catahoula Recreation Club. Every four wheel driver will be thrilled driving his/her monster vehicle in this park.

Imagine being in a deep woods scenery with steep single track trails, deep water crossings, tall hill climbs, an 800 ft/244 m sand drag strip and open play areas, challenging yourself to overpass every last obstacle. The 10 mi/16 km of trails with an elevation of about 150 to 200 ft/46 to 61 m offer loose dirt, hard pack, mud, dust, mostly rocks, many trees and steep hills and some single tracks.

These trails are mainly used by experts, while some amateurs will have fun too. It is not recommended to novices though. There are some hazards that are assumed to be marked, but caution is necessary, if you don’t want to get injured. Bear in mind that the specific area is available only by appointment, except during special events, so it is suggested to call before you haul.

There is a fee per OHV, an entrance fee and if you plan to camp, you will have to pay for the electricity and the RV. Other amenities of the facility include showers, rest rooms and some bunkhouses, but it is preferable to bring your own sleeping bag. It is a very good offroad park, as it was rated among offroad enthusiasts and it is recommended to spend at least a couple of days, in order to enjoy your favorite sport!