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Camping is a popular activity that attracts people from all walks of life. The joy of spending some quality time outdoors and forget the worries of this world is always unmatched. Being out there means you have limited access to some of the things you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You will be away from your fully-equipped kitchen. The gym is also out of bounds while you are out there in the wild. How do you strike a balance between having fun and leading a healthy lifestyle? Let us explore some of the tips to follow when you want to remain healthy while camping

”Camping at Hammocks Beach State Park”

Carry an instant pot and non-stick cookware

Being out there in the wild means that you do not have much time to prepare meals. However, this does not mean that you compromise on the quality of foods that you consume. Preparing a meal such as London broil in an instant pot is fast, as you can learn from corrie cooks.

The beauty of non-stick cookware is that you do not have to use a lot of fats when preparing your meals. Food sticking to the sides of the pan will also be a thing of the past. You can thus clean your cookware fast as you move to the next activity. There are hundreds of recipes that you can prepare on an instant pot or non-stick pans based on your needs. Ensure that you observe the maintenance tips such as using wooden or plastic spoons for the non-stick coating to remain intact.

Carry foods with a longer shelf life

Fresh foods benefit your body in multiple ways. The aim here is to ensure that your foods do not go bad while on the road. You can carry foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, fresh meat, chicken, yoghurt, vegetables and fruits on your camping trip. You can have a portable freezer to store your foods during the trip. If you have a recreational vehicle, then ensure you have a fridge brace to avoid contamination while on transit

Carrying frozen foods such as vegetables, fruits and meat ensures that you eat healthy meals on the road. Take milk with a longer shelf life as it is one of the best drinks to start your day. Become creative and stock ice cubes around your supplies such as milk, meat and fruits during hot weather. Remember to drain water from the containers.

Create a meal plan

The choice of foods that you will carry will depend on how long you will be out there. Most people tend to consume those foods that take the least time to prepare. However, you may compromise the quality of your meals with such an approach.

Developing a meal plan ensures that you take a balanced diet and not what is convenient. Carry the exact amount of food and ingredients that you need during your stay. A meal plan makes it easy to determine the foods that you can carry from home and those you can get in a local store. The type of foods that you will carry will depend on the nature of activities that you intend to engage in. The weather is also another determinant when creating a meal plan. For instance, having coffee is advisable when it is cold. On the other hand, you can carry soda during hot weather.

Don’t forget water

An adult should take 6-8 glasses of water in a day. Some campsites are in the wild, which means that you will not access clean water for drinking. The nature of activities that you engage in will determine your water needs. For instance, if you do biking while on your camping trip, then you are bound to feel dehydrated. On the other hand, some activities such as storytelling will not lead to dehydration.

The quantity of water you carry during your camping trip will depend on your group size and the length of the camping trip. You can also carry other beverages such as soda or even enjoy a cold beer during your stay. Consider the weather variations as the body loses a lot of fluids during the hot season and retains a lot during the cold season.

Invest in your mental health

Do you still worry about deadlines and relationships while you are out there camping? Then you are missing out on the fun that comes with being in the woods. A camping trip is a good chance to improve your mental health. It is time that you forget all your worries and focuses on the present moments.

Talk with your campmates or engage in activities such as playing games such as chess and scrabble to cool your mind. It is time to discover your likes and preferences and invest in them. Proper planning on areas such as work and house chores ensures that you get minimal distractions while you are in the campsite. You do not want a situation whereby you worry about who will pick your kids from school or receive client requests.

Become active

Going for a camping trip does not mean spending the whole day at your camp. You can try different activities such as bike riding or even mountain climbing to speed up your days. Engaging in family games such as ball games will also help you achieve your fitness goal.

Carry protective gear when you intend to engage in activities such as trekking or rock climbing. The choice of activities will depend on your destination, preferences, and types of people who accompany you. Remember to carry a compass or hire a guide if you intend to explore areas that you are not familiar with.

Engaging in healthy eating and having a good time is the perfect recipe for an ultimate camping experience even if you are in extreme camping locations. Having an itinerary of the activities, you will engage in is essential when you are budgeting and planning. Do basic research on some of the areas you need to visit to determine the permits and supplies you require.