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Have you ever asked a runner if running on folding treadmills is more effective than running outside? Did you find them confused while finding an answer?

It is understandable to get indecisive between the two because there is no right or wrong. While running outdoors develops stability, working out on treadmills improves your performance level. Both the methods have disadvantages and advantages, and their importance varies according to an individual’s fitness goals. 

However, to help you choose between the two, we have evaluated each method below in detail. Read through to see which one would work best for you. 

Running on Folding Treadmills

Before evaluating this workout method, it is essential to explain what treadmills are. A treadmill is a unit with a moving belt that helps you to walk or run at your own pace. This machine allows you to increase or decrease your moving speed while staying in one place. 

A folding treadmill can wrap quickly when not in use. As a result, you can store it in the corner of a room without letting it occupy your floor space. This characteristic makes this machine worth keeping in tiny homes. 

You can reap many benefits while using treadmills. Here are a few: 

  • This machine allows you to work out in your desired temperature and weather conditions. The controlled environment inside your house prevents unnecessary dehydration. Besides, you don’t have to worry about dressing up right or applying sunscreen. 
  • If you are running outdoors, you may face various external hindrances, such as traffic or roadblocks, affecting your pace. But exercising on folding treadmills saves you from such barriers, and you can run for as long as you want at your preferred speed. 
  • You don’t have to have a fixed time to enjoy running on a treadmill. Since the machine is placed within your safe environment, you can even use it late at night or whenever you feel like. 
  • Multitasking while running on a treadmill is the most fantastic thing to do. You can hear your favourite songs, talk to a friend or even watch a movie while sweating and losing weight. 
  • Treadmills offer excellent shock absorption, which makes them low-impact units. Moreover, while running on a treadmill incline, you help yourself build stamina and strength. 
  • You can easily fold the machine when it’s not under your use. This gives you enough space in the house to do other exercises or store various fitness equipment. 

Running Outdoors

While running outside could be unsafe and depends on various natural factors, it has its advantages compared to working out on folding treadmills. 

  • You don’t have to spend money when you plan to run outside. With just simple gear, like good sneakers and a jacket, you can head out to burn some sweat. 
  • If you travel a lot, running outside can help you stay in shape without the luxury of having a gym. While many hotels do have private treadmills, you can always choose not to use the machine and explore the new area while running. 
  • Running outside and inhaling fresh air is not only good for your lungs but also helps uplift your mood and reduce anxiety. However, if you live in a polluted city, it can be very hazardous to your health. 
  • The wind can act as an excellent resistance and can help you burn more calories faster. You are required to push harder to attain a certain running speed which leads to substantial weight loss. 
  • If you are into marathons and road races, running outside every day prepares you for all the conditions you might face. Besides, this activity helps you to adapt to a certain speed while running. 
  • This method makes you burn 7% more calories than working out on a treadmill. If you want to lose more weight faster, then running on the road will make a perfect deal. 

So, Which One Is Better?

After drawing a clear picture of the two running methods, which one do you think is perfect for you? If you can afford fitness equipment and do not have a fixed time for working out, a folding treadmill will suit you the best. Moreover, this machine will also work for you if you live in a city with unpredictable weather and a polluted environment. 

However, if you aim to burn more calories and live in a safe place, running outside can help you stay fit and lead a disciplined workout regimen. However, this method is more risky when it comes to accidents and uncalled injuries. 


Treadmills are great inventions and are worth an investment. However, if you can’t afford one, running outside is a good alternative. 

But you can also incorporate both methods in your life to enhance workout flexibility. For instance, using a treadmill on a rainy day and running on the road when the weather is good will increase your motivation and keep boredom at bay.