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Gaga Ball or also known as Octo Ball is a game commonly played by children. Due to its popularity, the number of kids wanting to have a Gaga Ball Pit in their homes increases. Indeed, many want to experience going gaga and win the game.

Suppose you are an adult with children or an adult who wants to facilitate this game. You must be aware of its rules and variations. Discussed below is everything you need to know to have a fun, enjoyable, and fair Gaga game.

The Gaga Ball History & Origin

Do you ever wonder how Gaga Ball started? Or just curious about its bizarre name? Before going through its rules and regulations, a more in-depth understanding of the history and origin of Gaga Ball will be useful. Back in the 1970s, the era of Gaga Ball started with the Jewish summer camps. And “gaga” literally translates to “touch-touch” or “hit-hit” in Hebrew.

And its Octo Ball name is from the pit being octagon in shape. Since then, many people have recognized the game’s safety, so they decided to use it as training exercises for physical education until kids became fond of its active-style plays.

The Gaga Ball General Rules

For a game without any conflicts, there is a need to follow specific rules. The rules will ensure the game’s quality and entertainment. In Gaga Ball, there are eleven things you have to bear in mind. These rules will help you be familiar with the game and have more fun with it.

  1. There should always be a referee. Choose a person who will solely be liable for ensuring the game’s fairness and have the authority to keep the fun going.
  2. The game can only start after the referee makes sure that every participant is ready and everyone’s standing inside the Gaga Ball Pit.
  3. The game officially starts after a player tossed the ball up in the air. The members will watch for the first bounce and yell “Ga” and another “Ga” again for the second bounce.
  4. While the game is ongoing, prohibitions include carrying or throwing the ball. Contestants must only use their hands to either punch the ball with their palms or fists.
  5. Elimination occurs when the ball touches the player either directly or by a rebound. Said person is “out” and must exit the Gaga Ball Pit.
  6. If the ball comes in contact with someone’s below the waist clothing, said player is also up for elimination.
  7. When the ball bounces out of the Gaga Ball Pit, whoever touched the ball last is “out” of the game.
  8. If a contestant catches a ball, the last person who touched it is “out.”
  9. In Gaga Ball, no player should hit the ball twice. Hence, each participant must wait for another person to hit the ball before hitting it again.
  10. If only two players are inside the pit, they can hit the ball three times in a row. If the ball rebounds on a wall, the ball is “rejuvenated.” The counts will reset.
  11. Gaga Games’ rules are dependent on the referee too. The classic game is a free-for-all competition, but if the referee says it is now team vs. team, it is possible.

Do note that although that there is a standard set of rules, can the game rules change? Yes. The game may vary from one to the other depending on the agreement between the players and the referee.

The Several Ways You Can Play Gaga Ball

There are different types of Gaga Ball plays you can do. You can explore each and increase the fun—also, its additional knowledge for the children. The game you play also depends on where the setting is, when, and how many players are there.

  1. Team Gaga is the game type suitable for children who want to play as a team. The mechanics are slightly different. The group stays on both opposite sides of the pit until the opponent team is “out.” In every elimination for one group is a gain of a member to the other.
  2. Defender Gaga needs a wall panel. Children’s task is to defend their walls from being hit by others. The one with the highest number of hits loses the game.
  3. Domination Gaga is for every competitive participant. The same rules will apply. The only difference here is when there’s an eliminated person, the previously “out” participant can enter the pit again.
  4. Mayhem Gaga requires a maximum of four balls inside the pit. More ball means more challenge for the players. Various colors of balls are advisable to detect “double touches easily.”

Overall, it does not matter if you pick one among the variations or choose to play them all because Gaga Ball is about safe and active gameplay. And you can opt to follow the standard rules or tweak some to your discretion. Bear in mind that it is your choice on how you indulge yourselves in amusement with the game.