Free Diving in Dahab Bay, South Sinai, Egypt

Best period:
April to July & October to December
Water average temperature:
37°C/98.6°F in summer period
Water average temperature:
20°C/ 68°F in winter period
Blue Hole:
90m/295ft deep, 50m/164ft wide, 35m/115ft long
Dahab Bay, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, located in the southeast Egypt, is considered to be a top diving destination. The Red Sea waters are famous for the incredibly rich marine tropical life.

Dahab area offers three principal zones, Masbat in the north, Mashraba in the south and Medina in the southwest. In Masbat, there is a very strong presence of the Bedouins tribe. Due to the particular climate and geological conditions of the Red Sea, the reefs which have been formed, offer a huge variety of underwater life and, hopefully need not diving in deep waters to admire it! It is even possible to meet this wonderful sea life, just observing from the coastline.

The water here is crystal clear blue, with no strong currents and free of white sharks! The hottest spot for diving in the zone, is the Blue Hole location. Blue Hole is, actually, an opening in the wall of the coral reef. Dahabs’ underwater life is an incredible ecosystem with unique beauty. Diving in these waters can be a truly exciting adventure!