Quad Biking in Barnyard Mudboggers, Fulton, Mississippi USA

60 mi / 97 km
350 - 400 ft / 107 - 122 m
Loose dirt, hard pack, mud, few steep hills, trees, water crossings.
Fulton is a well-known city and the county seat of Itawamba County, Mississippi. Fulton is a place, where entertainment is more important than anything else.

So, visit Fulton and let your dreams come true by exercising the most exciting activity like Quad Biking, in the most famous park of the city, the Barnyard Mudboggers.

Barnyard Mudboggers is an offroad park, which offers 60 mi/97 km of woods trails, an abundance of mud bogs and a lot of deep water crossings. It is a forest type park with a terrain of 1 mi²/2.6 km². It lies at an ideal elevation of 350 to 400 ft/107 to 122 m. Loose dirt, hard pack, mud, few steep hills and a lot of trees are some of the challenging features that will cover the needs of all quad bikers. There are also a few hazards, which are marked for your safety, but still be careful. The park is addressed to mostly amateurs, some novices and little experts.

Barnyard Mudboggers is generally open on weekends, however have a look at the schedule before you visit. The parking lot, camping area and riding are free. In addition, kids of 10 and under can enter free with paid admission of parents. You are kindly requested to obtain your quad biking insurance, before arriving at the park. After a thrilling day, you can have some fun visiting the nearby attractions that include the childhood home of the most famous singer and actor, Elvis Presley.