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There are many reasons why a company may schedule a business trip. The team might be attending an educational industry-specific event, employees may be traveling for a corporate retreat, or an individual could be traveling to meet with a potential client.

Since each business trip is different, the lodging needs for one trip could look vastly different from another. Having the right accommodations while your team is away will increase the likelihood of their success.

Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect business lodging for your next trip.

Consider Your Teams Needs

To ensure your team thrives while conducting business away from the office, you must consider their needs. This does not mean finding a hotel with a hot tub and bar; it means providing accommodations that optimize productivity.

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a hotel that helps your team succeed. Below, we go over the most essential factors.


Teams that will be doing a lot of inner-city travel will likely need a hotel room that is located within or near the city’s downtown area to make transportation more convenient.

Teams traveling for one event or meeting can lodge somewhere further from the inner city chaos which often saves the company money.

Access to Work-Related Amenities

If your team will be conducting work in their hotel room, they may need access to conference rooms, wi-fi, computers, printers, and a desk.

Hotels are typically either a place meant for leisure or business accommodations. Business hotels will have conference rooms, lobbies, and other amenities, which make getting work done easier while leisure hotels may have more fun amenities like a game room and pool.

Number of Occupants

The number of team members traveling together is an important factor to consider for many reasons.

Many hotels offer group discounts, which save your company money, and some may offer conjoining rooms, which help your team get together for collaboration.

Additionally, if multiple team members are attending a trip, you may need to seek a hotel with a large number of rooms available for your desired travel dates. Having team members lodge in the same hotel makes it easier to ride-share, have meetings, and dine together.

Type of Work Being Conducted

Will your team be primarily working together? Teams that are primarily working together may thrive in an Airbnb, cabin, or short-term rental house.

Will they be entertaining clients in the hotel or their room? If clients are coming to the hotel, you may want to consider booking an upgraded room or a hotel with an onsite restaurant.

Will your team be out of the room for most of the trip? If your team is spending only a small fraction of their time in their rooms, you might consider booking simpler accommodations that focus more on winding down after a hard day of labor.

Will your team be conducting a lot of mental labor in their room? If so, your team’s hotel room should be quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free. Avoid hotels near a busy highway or that primarily lodge families with children and pets.

Consider Your Budget

For many companies, the price of a hotel is often the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a hotel, and many factors play a part in the price of a room.

Factors that make a hotel more expensive include:

  • Being located in an area with a lot of tourism
  • Providing leisurely activities like a sauna or sports court
  • Having larger rooms with a kitchen
  • Booking last minute

Many of the more affordable hotels may have:

  • Smaller rooms with less furniture
  • No conference room or lobby
  • No or limited amenities
  • Non-scenic views

When choosing a hotel, it is important to keep your team’s needs in mind and not let price take priority over comfortability and working conditions.

If your company is planning a trip on a tight budget, consider taking advantage of group discounts and travel rewards. Many hotels have a reward program in place that allows you to earn points for each booking which can later be redeemed for free lodging.

Hiring a travel agent is another way to stay within budget. Travel agents are free to use and plan your entire trip with your budget and needs in mind.