Rock Climbing in Mt. Kenya, Mount Kenya National Park, Central Province Kenya

Grade :
Best Months:
December - March and June - October
Located almost at 150 km/93 mi from Nairobi City, Mt. Kenya is located just on the south of equator and offers three climbing routes, namely Naro-Moru, Sirimon and Chogoria.

Mt. Kenya hosts magnificent cliffs and glaciers that protect the highest peaks. Highest peaks here are Batian at 5199 m/17057 ft, Nelion at 5188 m/17021 ft and Point Lenana at 4985 m/16355 ft. Famous for its fierce alpine terrain and being very jagged and cracked, not forgetting its multi-horned head, Mt. Kenya offers the best rock climbing adventure there could ever be.

Batian peak, the highest one consists of an indigenous coarse rock named Nepheline Syenite. Naro-Moru is the most popular of the 3 routes while Chogoria route is known for its amazing scenery. Point Lenana on the hand is the much simplest and does not necessarily require any gear.

Batian and Nelion peaks involve routes ranging between grade 4 and 5 according to East Africa’s grading system. Best advisable time to go rock climbing in Mt. Kenya would be during the dry seasons between December – March and June- October.  Snowfall can be expected any time of the year.

It’s normal to find yourself with throbbing headaches while climbing the mountain though keeping a descent pace and keeping yourself hydrated makes a big difference. They say, it is not necessary to be extremely physically fit to attempt climbing on Mt. Kenya, if one is comfortable with walking almost 8 hours a day, you should be just fine!!