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Rock climbing is one of the most adventurous outdoor activities you can do. The best thing about this sport is that it’s accessible to almost everyone in the world. No matter where you are, you will be able to find the perfect area to go rock climbing. It’s a fun experience that anyone can do once they learn it’s techniques.

However, there’s more to learn than just how to climb, you should also learn everything about the gear you’re going to be using, what type you need to get and what the essentials are that you should always have with you. Here are the six important items you must have with you on every rock-climbing trip. 

1.Back-up Gear 

Many people prefer going on this adventure with a lightweight backpack so they only pack the essentials, which doesn’t usually include backup gear. Firstly, get the best and highest quality gear you can afford, gear which will handle harsh conditions during your trip, or your clothes and ropes might get ripped during the climb. Other unexpected events, such as sudden changes in weather, can happen at any time. So you have to be prepared with a raincoat, extra shoes, and ropes. 

2. The Right Climbing Shoes 

Choosing the right climbing shoes before every trip is absolutely imperative. Not every boot you see online is designed for climbing. Because it is a risky sport, boots have to be specially designed with the correct materials. According to information found on https://climbinghouse.com, the perfect climbing shoes should be designed to protect your feet and allow you to get hold of the footholds. Get a comfortable size that’s not too big or too tight on your feet so you can easily move. 

3. First-aid Kit 

Regardless of how important it is to have first-aid during a rock-climbing trip, many people forget to pack it. Before you leave your house, make sure that you have your first-aid kit with you and that it contains everything you might need. 

4. Chalk 

Chalk is used on your hands to absorb any dampness and generally enhance your grip and friction while climbing. It dries sweat and other moistures from your hands, allowing you to have better control. You have to ensure that you have enough chalk for the whole trip and place it in a chalk bag that can easily be tied to your harness where it won’t get wet. 

5. Extra Food 

Don’t pack food that will only serve you during the trip. Instead, pack enough food for an extra night or two. In case anything happens, you will need enough food to survive an emergency. The food you pack should be full of nutrition to provide you with the needed energy to continue the trip. 

6. Fire

Whether you’re planning a few hours climbing trips or a three-day trip, you should have more than one fire source in your backpack. Don’t rely on your smartphone as a flashlight because the battery might die at any moment leaving you without light. Bring waterproof matches, a headlamp, and a lighter. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional climber, you must always check your backpack and ensure that it has all the necessary items. Create a checklist and pack your backpack a couple of days before your adventure, to ensure you have everything you might need. Test your gear before you go to ensure that everything is the right size and working perfectly fine. You should also keep in mind that there could be some unexpected adventures awaiting you, so you need to be prepared for some unexpected events to occur so you need to be prepared.