Skydiving in Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi USA

3048 m / 10000 ft - 4267.2 m / 14000 ft
Free fall duration:
40 - 60 sec
193 kph / 120 mph
Biloxi is nowadays the fifth largest city in Mississippi. Although it has suffered severe damages by the hurricane Katrina, most of which has been restored and it can now provide with many recreational activities in parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.

Most excitement seekers would like to have at least one free fall in their life. Imagine getting the thrill of flying over the picturesque Biloxi, watching the wonderful white sand beaches from above, while waiting to take your first or 1000 leap – yes the feeling is the same if you jump for the first time or the 1000.

Before starting your adventure, you will have a 30-35 minute preparation class. After being taught all the basic information for this exciting experience, you get on a plane and that’s when thrill begins. While flying to an altitude of 3048 m/10000 ft – 4267.2 m/14000 ft and before the doors open, you will be harnessed to your professional instructor.  Once you hear the three- two-one countdown, just jump and you will be free falling for 40-60 seconds at a speed of 193 kph / 120 mph, equivalent to 60.96 m/200 ft per second!

When at 1524 m/5000 ft, your instructor will pull the rip cord and your shoot will deploy. Float in the sky, walk on the clouds and slowly descend back to the surface, admiring the most amazing views that Biloxi has to offer! All landing locations have a spectators area, where your friends and family can see you land. Just keep in mind that some locations are open during the spring and summer season and closed during the fall and winter.

So, contact one of the schools that have a network dropzone serving Biloxi and get ready to dive into the gap!!!