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Going through Instagram or TikTok inevitably means seeing some of those influencers looking like a million bucks. Their bodies are so perfect that you can’t think they are fake. They aren’t; they work hard and are as shredded in person as you see them on social media.


You probably tried at least once in your life to become like them, but no matter how hard you tried, things didn’t work out. You might’ve lost weight, but you haven’t reached perfection. If you wondered why this happened while everyone was convincing you that you could do it, we have the explanation. Here are five reasons why you might’ve failed to get shredded.

1. Getting shredded means going on a diet first

Everything you commonly eat is probably destroying your body, and you need to avoid it. The modern way of life means eating a lot of fats, carbs, and unhealthy products. You need to go on a strict diet to see results.

Some foods we regularly consume, like burgers, fries, pizzas, sodas, and similar things, are your diet’s worst enemy. They are full of fats, carbs, salt, sugars, and everything opposite of what you need.

When you’re starting a mission to get shredded, you only need to focus on healthy food. That means being always hydrated, consuming proteins, and ensuring your meals are not oversized. It doesn’t matter how hungry you are; keep those portions tight.

2. Visible muscles are a product of losing fat

If you haven’t worked for a while and you’re slightly or really overweight, you have a lot of fat under your skin and around your muscles. Your muscles can’t grow until you get rid of the fat.

Doing this means constantly exercising, but even hard work sometimes won’t pay off if you don’t mind your diet for a long time. Luckily, science invented supplements that make this task seamless. Look for some of the many fat burners, like those from Oxyshred. These supplements burn the fat way faster, and without them, you’ll struggle to get shredded.

3. Lifting weight is the mother of all exercises

Some experts will tell you that cardio is all you need to become shredded. This doesn’t seem right. Cardio will give you a lot of energy and help you be physically capable of challenges, but it only slightly adds to your looks and muscle growth.

What you need is lifting weights. Start small, and with every new gym visit, increase the weight you’re lifting. The more weight you lift, the more your body is exhausted, and you release more sweat. Sweat is the direct result of your fat burning. It’s the toxins leaving your body, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to see actual results.

4. You need a lot of free time to get results

Do you think those influencers we talked about above have a nine-to-five job? They most probably don’t. They are fully dedicated to the task. If someone tells you that you’ll find the time, be sure that they never tried joggling a professional career and exercising.

You need to change your entire lifestyle and not just go to the gym two hours per day. You need to spend a lot of time shopping for groceries, preparing them, eating 5-6 small meals per day at the exact time, and finally, working out hard enough.

You’ll be so exhausted that you won’t have the strength to do anything but sleep when you’re done. Did we forget about sleeping? Yes, you also need at least eight hours of sleep to let your muscles regenerate. Also, a massage here and there won’t hurt either. It helps you stay in perfect shape and avoid injuries.

5. You can’t have great results without combining everything

Finally, you need to understand that using only one of these methods and ignoring the others’ importance won’t show results. If you only dedicate yourself to a diet, your muscles won’t grow, and if you only commit yourself to exercise, your fat won’t leave the body.

If you try to keep your professional life and work out afterward, you may cause severe injuries and exhaustion, which means not everyone was made to be shredded as it requires 100% dedication, a lot of free time, and a strict diet.


It’s crucial to know what you’re dealing with here. It’s tough to stay on top of the game, so don’t get disappointed if some of these issues were part of your experience. If you never managed to achieve the body you wanted, these things described above might be the reason why.

See if there’s something that you can do, and only proceed to give it another try if you have enough free time, are ready to go on a strict diet, can work out as hard as ever, and are fully dedicated to the task.