Motocross in Indian Bayou Area, Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Terrain size:
45 mi²/116.5 km²
Trails length:
12 mi/19.3 km
Opening days:
Year round
Lafayette is situated in southwestern Louisiana, USA, along the Vermilion River. It was founded in 1821 and it is the fourth largest city in the state. The city is also known as the center of Cajun culture, not only in Louisiana but also in the entire US.

Lafayette, a city that never rests, has a great tradition in off road sports. Near the city, there are some of the most awesome trails, perfectly suitable for motocross. The Indian Bayou Area is a trail complex, located inside the world’s biggest freshwater swamp.

The 45 mi²/116.5 km² terrain offers 12 mi/19.3 km of amazing limestone packed and multi-use trails, eagerly waiting for your two stroke bike to ride them. The marked, not rated and lightly maintained trails lie at an elevation of 20 to 30 ft/6 to 9.1 m and offer little dust, hard pack at most parts, some mud, many trees and some water crossings.

The area is mostly suitable for novices and amateurs, but no experts. So if you are an expert, you might want to find a different place to ride your motocross. The area is open all year round. It is suggested to spend half the day, in order to enjoy the trails. Keep in mind that there is a noise limit up to 96 db and that an end cap or a spark arresting silencer are necessary.