Skimboarding in Sandbridge Beach, Outer Banks, Virginia USA

Wave Quality:
Wave Type:
Wave Direction:
Right and left
Best Wind Direction:
West, South
Sandbridge is a coastal community of Virginia Beach, situated along the coastline on the Currituck Banks Peninsula at the northern end of the Outer Banks.

Sandbridge invites all those people who want to escape from the daily routine, relax and have fun. It is addressed to all ages. On spot you will find family rental houses, restaurants and shops. In order to enjoy your holidays, you should try to exercise one of the most pleasurable activities, like skimboarding!!

Having the right conditions in your favor, just enjoy it! Wave quality is normal, wave type is sand-bar, wave direction is right and left and the wave length is short (50 m/164 ft).

Without crowd and with a lot of positive energy, you can have the time of your life! After an amazing day practicing your favorite activity, you can spend your time in the impressive cafes and restaurants nearby.