Base Jumping in Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Basejump height:
Skill level :
Advanced and professional
Kuala Lumpur is most certainly an amazing destination. Protected by the Sumatra Island on the west and the Titiwangsa Mountains on the east, the capital and most populated city of Malaysia is an impressive blend of its past as a British colony and its modern cosmopolitan future.

As evidence of Kuala Lumpur’s outstanding growth, one of the world’s tallest buildings of great beauty was build and it is called the Petronas Towers. The twin towers are the city’s landmark and along with the Kuala Lumpur Tower, they dominate in the skyline. Rising at a height of 452 m/1483 ft, with 88 floors and a sky bridge connecting the two towers, this magnificent construction is a one of a kind base jump destination.

The weather conditions are ideal with a tropical rain forest climate and warm sunny days throughout the year. The jump is taking place from the highest peak, just underneath the antenna, constituting a breathtaking venture. Suitable for highly trained and professional base jumpers only, Petronas Towers are among the number one spots for free fall enthusiasts.

The views while standing on the top of the building, take your breath away and if you are brave enough to jump, you have just a few seconds to pull the cord and open your parachute. There is enough open space for landing but keep in mind that sometimes a small breeze can just drift you away from your landing spot or even throw you against the building.

You must be really in control and very experienced to make this jump, but when you do so, your name will be written once and for all, on the pantheon of the most extreme base jumpers of the planet.