Common Water Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

''Rafting in Arachthos River, Tzoumerka''
There are few activities more fun than frolicking about on the water during a hot summer’s day. Although simply splashing about or swimming may be enough for some, others will

Juanito’s vision for the next generation of Peruvian Kayakers

"Juanito 8"
The Juanito de Ugarte Memorial Scholarship has been created in 2015, after the tragic passing away of famous Peruvian kayaker, “Juanito” de Ugarte in November 2014. Originally from Cusco, Peru,

Mission Impossible: Keyhole Falls Kayak Drop

"Keyhole Falls Kayak Drop"
Keyhole Falls, the 3,000-cubic-metre-per-minute flow is not a typical water fall you may have in mind. Keyhole Falls shoot out of a massive rock wall, located in the Lillooet River

Take to the Rapids of White Water Rafting in West Virginia

West Virginia hosts two major white water rafting spots: New River and Gauley River. Depending on the time of the year and the strength of the rapids, your whitewater adventure