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What is a weighted vest? Like the name, weighted vests are wearable clothing with extra weight to increase resistance and enhance cardio conditioning when working out. These vests come in different sizes and weights, with some having extra pockets to accommodate additional weight. Before then, weighted vests were a bit bulky, making fitness enthusiasts shun them.

Things have changed, and you can get simple, easy-to-fit weighted vests that will compliment your body and workouts. Why weighted vests? There are reasons why you need to include these vests in your training program. Here are four of the reasons.

1. They boost the burning of fat

If you want to lose fat quickly, then you should adopt high-intensity exercises. Most people jog, walk or do aerobics with the intent to burn body fat. While the exercises help a lot in burning fats, they take a long time before you achieve the desired results. Wearing a weight vest enables you to increase an upper mass, enabling these exercises to burn body fat effectively. Besides this, shorter strenuous exercises also require additional weight to enable your body to produce more energy. When you add a weighted vest, you make the high-intensity exercises more effective, burning more body fat. Studies reveal that having a standing workout with a weighted best increases its effectiveness by over 12 percent.

2. Increases bone and muscle strength

When you practice with a weighted vest, you make your muscles grow more vital to accommodate the added bodyweight. Using a weighted vest makes the bones respond effectively to the increasing pressure, thus becoming more muscular. This situation makes individuals using these weights have stronger muscles and bones, which increases their overall body strength. With the mass vests, you are sure of having better connective tissues, denser bones, and a more robust musculoskeletal system. Your workouts will be more comfortable, and you will keep off workout injuries. Individuals who use these vests in their workout have fewer risks of contracting old age bone diseases such as osteoarthritis.

3. Improves cardiovascular benefits

Running and rope-skipping are proven exercises that help improve the cardiovascular system. Lifting weights also work on your cardiovascular system and helps to increase the metabolic rate and core strength. With an improved cardiovascular system, you enjoy a healthy heart and lungs, which significantly improves your breathing. Adding weighted vests to your exercises helps you gain more weight on these exercises, thus achieving more effective results. It enables your body to get a full cardiovascular workout that benefits your heart, lungs, and core.

4. It helps boost the core strength

Exercises such as planks extensively work on your core strength. If you have tried planks, you understand how difficult it is to hold your body straight. The more you hold on planks, the effective the exercises are. Besides holding on for long, it’s essential to have some weight in your core to increase its strength and achieve the exercise’s best results. You can increase weights in your chest with weighted vests.

It is crucial to start with the less weighted vests as you increase the mass to avoid hurting your core. As discussed, these vests come in different sizes and weights, with some having spaces for additional weights. It would be best to buy a vest that you’ll be comfortable with its weight or get an adjustable vest for your exercises.