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Truman liked to Play Piano. Mozart enjoyed Billiards. Hitler liked to draw. Nabokov was into Entomology. Hirohito was Enthusiastic about Marine Biology.

Wondering what is common between them, apart from all of them appearing in our history books? They all balanced their life between work and pursuing a hobby that made them happy. They kept aside a little portion of the day to themselves. To immerse themselves in something they loved to do. Yes, they all had a Hobby! Fun Fact: A Hobby Club in New York City was formed in 1908 for people who had special common interests. The objective of the club was to encourage social interaction between its members with discussions on various literary and economic subjects.

With our busy lifestyle, our lives get monotonous and boring. Sparing time for our hobbies gets harder. Our energy and time are focused completely on work or daily gigs. That ‘me time’ is pushed further and further away. This can lead to depression, anxiety, or even plain old extreme boredom. Having a hobby helps relieves stress by keeping your mind occupied for a while in an activity you love. Some enjoyable hobbies not only have good mental effects but also gets you physically fit.

One such popular hobby of all time is Bouldering! You heard it right! The term Bouldering comes from the word Boulder (pretty self-explanatory). It refers to the sport of climbing large and small boulders. It can be set both indoor and outdoor.

Bouldering is Fun

If short bursts of challenges that are not only technical but also make you push your physical limit a bit more are something you like, Bouldering is a good hobby for you.  As punishing or miserable as other forms of dull exercises are, Bouldering provides fresh breaths of challenges that do not bore you out after a certain time.

Bouldering is a creative and interactive hobby. It requires analytical skills for solving boulder problems. A specific route taken to climb an indoor or outdoor bouldering wall is called a Boulder problem. It is also an interactive activity too as you get to meet like-minded people who can exchange route intensity, jumping techniques, or get into friendly competitions with you.

The challenge to muscle memory, circulation, and cardio fitness that is involved in Bouldering, now makes this activity one of the best total-body workout by some researchers. The energetic muscle stimulation for the entire body while solving a routing problem is given more sense of satisfaction and achievement than repetitive movements in a regular gym.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Bouldering Right away

Taking up this fun and exciting hobby is something you should explore in the soonest time possible. Bouldering enthusiast at https://topbouldering.com, that all you need to get started with is to have appropriate clothing and shoes to start with. With your bouldering gear, chalk pouch ( used to keep your hands from getting sweaty), and harness, every experience will feel like going on an expedition.

If getting physically fit without suffering and developing complex problem-solving skills at the same time is not exciting enough reason to start Bouldering, we have some more for you:

  • It’s a fun social experience. As more and more gyms are now offering bouldering as a group session. You can watch or help each other and even exchange tips.
  • Think of bouldering as a video game. The more you play the higher levels you go to. It resembles the same satisfaction when you cross a tough level and accomplish your goals.
  • When life gets dull and repetitive, bouldering is the perfect adventurous activity that can give you a rush of adrenaline you need to get you back up on your feet.
  • Bouldering requires many skills and muscle groups to strengthen. This provides an ongoing achievement streak as you can always be improving something. This is a great benefit for beginners to stay motivated.
  • This activity includes activating your core where the upper and lower body words in full range to provide movement. This results in improved strength training.
  • Constantly being on the computer or laptop, weakens the forearms. This also results in poor grips. Bouldering boosts grip strength and also prevents forearm cramping.
  • Keeping yourself help in certain positions and maneuvering your body from one point to another takes a lot of energy. Continuous practice, enhance stamina and endurance.
  • Planning and ensuring your next move is a correct decision while making sure your body is properly positioned creates more stimulation, thereby developing concentration skills further.

What if I Fall and Fail?

You will fall! And chances are, instead of feeling like you failed, you will spring back up to try again. Just like it didn’t stop you from running back up when you toppled down the slide. Remember what did you do when you fell then, you brushed it off saying, “It was nothing!”.

Also if it helps, the floor is completely covered in bouldering mats cushioning your fall. The chances of hurting yourself while Bouldering is the same as you had in a park as a kid.

Think of Bouldering arenas as a big play park for adults. (With all its colors and playful laughter, hard not to think otherwise). You can go wild just like you did as a kid in the park. Trust us, everyone around you will be enjoying the freedom to be playful. The hours will just fly by.

Ready to Boulder?

Though bouldering can look pretty intimidating if you have not done it before, it helps to know that you can start with an indoor environment. This provides a sense of safety and comfort wherein such concerns fade away. You learn the techniques by merely trying it out. No prior no-how or safety instruction is required.

Bouldering brings together a variety with itself with so many aspects to it. Go on, try to commit yourself to Bouldering this season. Daunting as it looks like initially, with consistent practice we are sure you will enjoy taking off those routes in a jiffy! With time, you can climb up and down the boulder without the need of the rope. Add on a cape and you might even be able to moonlight as spiderman.