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Ever lost weight and still felt like something is just not right? Well, the struggle is real especially if your weight has been long gone, yet you still feel like you don’t rock that pair of jeans.  Things will be much easier if you have the right tools and good news: you don’t have to go to a gym or own expensive equipment that takes up all your space as well. We got you covered with a few smart hacks and now all you need to do is let us help.

Go Simple First

The first thing you need to do is get your heart pumping so your body is ready to move. If you want bigger muscles though, don’t go crazy on the cardio. According to The Active Times, you need calories to build muscles and cardio kills those. So if you want to focus more on muscles, save some of those calories. Remember, you also need to go easy on your body so you don’t overstress it.

Squats, push-ups, and high jumps are very important for training your body and joints to get ready for those awesome muscles you’re about to crush everyone with. Don’t crush people with your muscles. It’s sort of frowned upon. No really, it’s illegal, so get big and strong only to scare people, scaring them is fine.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Weights are one thing you probably need in building muscles. Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to build those muscles and building bigger muscles means you need to lift heavy-ish weights. The question is, how heavy is too heavy? The answer is simple: if you can’t lift them, they’re too heavy for you. Jokes aside, if you can’t move your arms in all directions, go for lighter weights. The best weights are the ones that only make you slightly uncomfortable.

Another effective tool that is pretty great for building your muscles, getting fit, and feeling amazing is toning your muscles. The experts at Fitsy recommend vibrating machines for toning your muscles as those machines work on causing vibration in the whole body to give the brain the effect of falling so your muscles contract like they’re in shock. This tool helps circulate your blood, boost your metabolism, and help shape your muscles.

What To Eat And When To Workout

Eating smart is the key. By eating smart we mean you give your body enough nutrition without overdoing it. Choosing the right food helps maintain the perfect balance since you will need to eat well. What’s the magic word, you ask? Protein is the magic word. The goal is to grow your muscles, so you need to strengthen your bones to support your muscles and protein is your best friend.

Food rich in protein is the best overall because it makes you feel pretty full and doesn’t contain fats that are bad for you. Eggs, milk, yogurt, lean meat, and more of that area of food are perfect for the muscles. Bring back the daily cup of milk your parents used to make you drink when you were a kid. Also, if you think you need to eat less, you’re wrong! Feed your muscles to grow them.

Now comes the answer to the question of WHEN to workout. If you’re aiming for losing weight only, then morning workouts are the best. Muscles need food, as we previously mentioned. This means you need to have a good meal before you workout. Growing muscle workouts are preferred in the afternoon when enough nutrients have entered your body, so it’s ready to build up. This piece of advice is crucial! Always drink water and stay hydrated. A protein shake would not hurt too if you drink it while you’re exercising.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it is not at all. Maybe getting used to working out at the beginning is the most challenging part, but remember that no challenge is too difficult to overcome. Muscles are big and strong, and so are you! Don’t let them beat you, you beat them! Or maybe working together side by side is better really. All you need is to eat well, drink fluids, drink water, do some pushups and squats, lift a bit of weight, and get your body shaking! Those muscles will grow right and you will rock your new outfit! It’s ok to get a superhero outfit as well. These babies are perfect for showing off your perfectly toned muscles. Get your suit as a reward for all your hard work. Don’t go too crazy with saving the world though. It’s stressful, and no one needs that.