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When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating to be told the same things repeatedly, or read the same pieces of advice again and again. Let’s face it, by now we’re all well aware of the fact that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you and eating chips is bad. No matter how many times you hear that pilates will change your life, the same platitudes quickly get repetitive and demoralizing. Luckily, there are a plethora of options available to the weight loss community that don’t involve raw salads or jogging. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, but fed up with trying obvious, ineffective, and uninspiring things, here are some unorthodox ways you can try to lose weight.

Spice It Up

Amazing news for all you hot sauce junkies: spicy food can help you lose weight! No really, it’s a scientifically proven fact that the spicier your food is, the more satiated you will feel. Spice has also been found to kick-start your metabolism. In a soup study conducted between plain or cayenne-laded bowls, participants who ate the spice consumed 60 calories less on average than those who didn’t. Who knew an affinity for all things hot could be the elusive missing ingredient in the recipe for weight loss?

Cool It Down

Have you ever wished you could just lose weight in your sleep? Turns out, you might actually be able to. It is possible to burn calories during your REM by making sure your sleeping conditions are cool enough to necessitate some extra legwork from your internal furnace. By cranking the AC, your body will be working overtime to keep you running at a warm enough temperature. This could have a doubly helpful weight loss effect, as cooler temperatures often make for a more restful sleep, causing the body to function more efficiently and let go of unnecessary calories.

Block It Out

When it comes to food cravings, it can be nearly impossible to ignore the tell-tale signs of hunger. Even if you’re doing everything else right, it can be discouraging to feel like you are constantly plagued with the impulse to overeat. Luckily, there is a surgery called VBloc Therapy that is specifically designed to interfere with the body’s natural consumption signals. The professionals behind this VBloc insurance coverage point out that though it can be expensive, the procedure works to curb the recipient’s appetite and can make a huge difference in treating obesity. It doesn’t hurt that if you qualify because it can make the procedure significantly more accessible for those candidates in need.

Cash It In

In a primarily digital world, it can seem oddly novel when someone pulls out a fistful of change or crumpled bill to make a purchase. However, when you look past the deviation in payment type you might start to realize the motivation behind it. That’s right, even how you pay for things can affect your weight. The best way to be more conscious about what food you’re buying? Pay with cash! If you only have a finite amount to spend at the grocery store, you will think twice before you head down the junk food aisle.

Talk It Through

As the old adage goes, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer back. This is especially true if you’re looking to lose weight. While positive self-talk and optimistic mantras will certainly do wonders for outlook and self-esteem, there is something to be said about verbally voicing your bad choices as well. By going through the motion of announcing that you are stress eating, or by loudly acknowledging to yourself that a certain snack is unhealthy- you may be able to talk yourself out of it entirely.

Clean It Up

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more strange, there is reason to believe that keeping a clean house can result in weight loss. The reduction in stress from living in a spotless environment is a nice touch, but surprisingly not the pivotal piece of the puzzle. Instead, the actual physical exertion of frequently doing manual labor is said to be an excellent way to keep in shape. The tasks won’t feel like a typical workout and the added benefit of a clean home is a sneakily effective motivation tool.

Losing weight is often referred to as a journey for a reason, it is mentally and physically exhausting. It can take herculean amounts of time and effort, and there are bound to be long stretches where results are anything but forthcoming. If you feel like you’ve tried all of the traditional solutions the market has to offer, perhaps these slightly unorthodox tips will help you shed some of the more stubborn weight you’ve been looking to leave behind.