Skate Boarding in Skatepark I-Punkt, Hamburg, Hamburg Germany

Indoor facility:
1500 m²/16146 ft²
Outdoor facility :
1800 m² /19375 ft²
Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) is the second largest city in Germany, the sixth largest city in the European Union and the thirteenth largest German state. It is situated on the river Elbe while its port is the second largest port in Europe and tenth worldwide. Hamburg is known for its big sporting activity among others.

One sport that is very popular in Hamburg is Skate Boarding. There are many places where you can skateboard, however within skate-parks you can have twice as much fun as anywhere else due to the presence of numerous obstacles to ride. One skate-park that is very popular in Hamburg is Skatepark I-Punkt. It is an indoor 1500 m²/16146 ft² warehouse with an additional 1800 m² /19375 ft² outdoor terrain.

Indoors you will find a half-pipe of 4 m /13.1 ft high and 10 m /32.9 ft wide, a bowl of 2 m /6.6 ft high, 3 corners, a hip that extends into an overexert part and an extension. Furthermore, the spot also hosts a pyramid, quarter ramps, loads of handrails in different sizes and angles, curbs, ledges, banks all in different sizes and a mini ramp 1.20 m / 3.1 ft and 8 m /26.2 ft in width.

On the outdoor terrain, you will find a brand new Carhartt skate-park with stairs directly across from a large bank, rails, banks,  a pyramid/ bank construction and a large quarter-ramp. It is a skate boarding heaven! Bear in mind that there is an entrance fee and don’t forget your safety equipment.