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Health is wealth is age-old lifestyle advice that may sound cliche, but is what it is. When next you read or hear it, understand that it is reinforcing how important it is to have a healthy body and mind.

Being healthy transcends having functioning organs or immune systems, it also encompasses brain activities.

Our brain activity can affect how the mind works, as it influences our thinking, the way we react, love, make decisions, and everything else that a normal human should perform excellently.

A rational mind is one without depressive thoughts, paranoia, constant negative feelings, and suicidal thinking. When the mind is clogged with these alien thoughts, feelings, and thinking, it puts our health at risk, as it could hurt our body.

A research study conducted by experts has highlighted verified ways and tasks you can engage in to clear your mind and keep it sharp. You need to free your mind from harmful and hurtful thoughts, that’s the reason we have paraphrased some of these proven ways in this article to help your mind be in a cheerful place. The tips will make your body healthier.

Exercise and meditate

To clear your mind of wandering and suicidal thoughts, studies have shown that meditation can help you achieve this. When you meditate for ten to thirty minutes daily, it cleanses your mind of wandering thoughts.

You can practice breath-focused exercises, mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi, or engage in a spiritual practice or prayer. Many people faced with depression or suicidal thoughts have shared that meditation is one practice that helped them achieve clarity of thoughts, so it could be a way for you too.

Exercises are good for everyone. As Naval Ravikant said, “A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought–they must be earned.” So ensure to exercise and meditate always. And also, for more quotes like this one, you can visit wisdomquotes.com

Go for a run, hike on nearby nature trails, walk your dog, hit the gym, or do sit-ups. These can go a long way to help you achieve clarity when you sweat out all the stress, worries, and thoughts clogging your mind. Exercising also helps you keep fit while helping you maintain a healthy body.

Read a book

Yes, books work too. Only a few people use books to clear their minds and relieve stress. Getting to discuss the plot, settings, characterization, themes of a particular body of work, with your book club members can help you relax and clear your mind of anything stressing you.

You do not need to read a serious book about business, politics, history, instead read a romance or thriller novel as fun and relaxing material that could help you clear your head, stimulate your imagination with vivid pictures of what you are reading and voila, you’re smiling sheepishly at a love scene or expecting an anti-climax action-filled chapter.

Eat well

Maybe all you need to clear your mind from wandering thoughts is an excellent cuisine or palatable wine. People that suffer from anorexia will tell you that eating has become an extreme sport, so when they get to savor a meal, it clears their mind and keeps their body healthy.

For people who have reached a burnout stage due to overworking themselves, a good shower and a refueling meal are the best ways to clear the fog in the mind.

Someone going through a grieving or suicidal stage may forget to eat, so getting them to eat nutritious food kick-start their recovery and leads them to a road of healing and leading a healthier life. Healthy eating experts have often shared that nuts, fish, and red wine healthily stimulate the brain, you can try it out too.

Sleep on it

When you have sleep problems, you are susceptible to hallucinations and incoherent thoughts, that’s why experts recommend that a good downtime could help you relax your brain and clear your mind.

You can’t fully operate when you’re sleep-deprived as it influences your cognitive skills, memory, and ability to think clearly or communicate.

Getting quality sleep time is a piece of repetitive advice from physicians, stating that it keeps your body healthy and more agile, so when you need to clear your mind, step back from activities and thoughts that actively engage the brain, and sleep on it.

Play games or engage in sport activities

Sports enthusiasts will tell you a round of golf, picking the racket, swimming a few laps, and another sporting activity has a way of clearing your mind after a stressful day and they are not straying far from the truth.

Studies have shown that engaging in sport-related activity will clear your mind after a long day but it didn’t mention how many rounds of golf, tennis, or swim laps will help you clear your head. So, use your discretion and don’t overdo it.

Also, playing your favorite game could help clear your mind, or tag team with your friends to play fun games has a way of relaxing your head from roaming thoughts. You can also engage your children and play their favorite games with them, it keeps you on your toes.

Listen to wonderful music or play an instrument

The power of music is something that one needs to tap when one wants to clear his or her mind, that is why it comes in many genres, so you can choose the one that suits your mood.

Music has a way of calming the mind and emptying you of wandering thoughts when the lyrics, beat or symphony penetrates your subconscious mind. There are varieties of streaming platforms to access jazz, classical, rap, afrobeat, and other music genres that can soothe your mood and clear your mind.

Maybe picking up your guitar to play a few songs, strumming on the piano, playing the flute or banjo could help you share your thoughts and clear your mind.

Take a break from work

Most people just need to cut off work from their life and get a ‘me-time’, taking a break from excel spreadsheets, prototype simulations, coding, copyediting, and other work-related activities could do your mind and body a lot of goodness.

Often, engaging in result-driven activities leads to stress. It mounts pressure on the brain for peak performance, hence; you need to cut yourself off activities that are brain-taxing in other to clear your mind.

Don’t forget that you are entitled to annual leave, even if you are your boss, you need to recharge and the best way to do it, is to stay away from work for a specified period.

Go on technology-free hiatus

We cannot overemphasize this. There are many events, videos, and posts on social media that can trigger your mind into a depressed state, so if you need to take a break from being online, it is understandable. The news of someone’s death, extrajudicial killings, rape, suicide that one comes across on social media platforms daily keeps piling up in your subconscious, which is why you have to decompress and get some relaxation, away from your gadgets.

Some people may be skeptical about how they can survive without being online or carrying their smartphones about, but the truth is our minds are unique. Though it may take time for it to get used to it, eventually you will get used to a new normal that will help you achieve clarity of thoughts and actions.

Write a personal daily journal or start a blog

Writing is therapeutic, the earlier we understand this, the better. Writing can help our healing journey. If you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, the best thing is to write about it, to help you sort your feelings, analyze your thoughts and get clarity or perspectives for your peace of mind.

You do not need to stick to a particular writing form, if the thoughts come through the lens of poetry, express it as it is, if it is a long-form, then fill up your sheets shamelessly.

Also, you could start a blog or produce a podcast where you discuss your feelings uninhibitedly, it helps to improve your self-esteem when you own up and talk about it.

Go on a road trip or vacation

This is one of the under-used ways to clear your mind. Just imagine what being on a tropical island with undiluted fresh air will do to your mental awareness and well-being. We need to normalize being in tune with nature as it does abundant wonders to our subconscious mind which becomes relaxed and purged of unpleasant thoughts.

If going on a vacation on an island is too much for you, do a road trip, pack up your stuff and go on a trip across back roads while navigating it with GPS, Google maps, or paper maps.

You may also choose to do this with someone you love, but it would interest you that the breeze that blows on your face while you are behind the wheel will calm your nerves.

The aforementioned tips will help you clear your mind of wandering thoughts and negative feelings, as it will pass sensory messages of calmness and peace to your brainwave when you engage in any of them or combine two or more activities. Ultimately, these activities add slight longevity to your lifespan as it sets your body on a path to living healthy.