Mountain Biking in San Pedro de Atacama, El Loa, Antofagasta Chile

39.88 mi / 64.18 km
Elevation gain uphill :
4485 ft / 1367 m
Elevation gain downhill :
4255 ft / 1296.9 m
7841 ft/2389.9 m - 11766 ft/3586.3 m
Technical difficulty:
San Pedro de Atacama is located in northern Chile and is one of the most popular destinations both among Chilean tourists and international visitors. It's extreme geographic position -some of the highest volcanoes of the Los Andes cordillera rise along it- the picturesque landscape and the eternal blue sky have made San Pedro de Atacama one of Chile's three most popular destinations.

Once the center of the Atacama culture, nowadays  the archaeological capital of Chile, San Pedro de Atacama is the perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts. One of the best mountain biking trails is the 39.88 mi / 64.18 km long San Pedro de Atacama trail. This 9-hours cycling adventure will worth your while as you’ll be able to explore all the wondrous sights, do amazing downhill starting at 4255 ft / 1296.9 m and cycle on amazing valleys surrounded by breathtaking desert and mountain landscapes.

Though you’ll be cycling from the town center of San Pedro de Atacama to Puritama “Hot Springs’ you will find out that those dirt roads may have technical difficulties but are safe. At the end of the trail, you can take a dive in one of the eight  artificial pools made of volcanic rocks. The water is amazingly clear and pure and the  landscape stunning. There is an entry fee but if you can spear the money you will not regret it.

It is highly recommended to start as early as possible to beat the heat. There are lots of local stores that will rent you your needed mountain bike equipment and will give you a map but you may feel safer with a tour guide. Various tour operators can take you off the beaten path and make sure you won’t miss any sightseeing. For the more adventurous bikers we recommend water, sunblock, snacks and… have a blast!