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Even though combining sports and studies often seems impossible, there are little tricks you ought to try as you strive for victories not only with the competition medals but also in terms of your studies. The most important is to do your best to avoid procrastination and set your priorities without ruining either your training sessions or the grades. Once you find out what works for you, things will get better! 

1.Learn to Divide Sports and Studies. 

Not even physically, but try to place the red line between sports and college activities. When you play basketball or engage in racing, your studies should be complete. It should be the same when you learn! Stay focused on what you do only! 

2. Set Mobile App Alerts. 

As you make a list of all the important college deadlines and learn to balance between work, sport, and study, make sure that you set your Google Calendar, Evernote, Slack, or any other app to notify you about upcoming dates and schedules. It works wonders once you have a reminder! 

3. Work With An Outline. 

Learn how to work with an outline as you start with an essay or research paper. It will help you to stay within the word count and narrow down your ideas. As you progress with your studies, it will become an obligatory part, so you can start early and master this academic concept. An outline also assists in staying focused and accurate as you write. 

4. Participate In Group Projects. 

When you are good at sports, it usually means that you have good social and cooperative skills. Always take your chance to work with others as it will help you in sports as well as improve your analysis skills and learn how to make your point across.

5. Cooperate With Other Students. 

Even if all else fails, talk to other college students, share notes, and discuss things together. Do your best to stay active. If there are debates coming up, invite people to the basketball game or any sports ground to discuss things as you play. This may seem insignificant, yet it is the best way to combine studies and sports in a friendly environment. 

6. Proofreading & Editing Matters. 

This part always takes time and focus, which is why it often becomes hard to complete when you have a training session coming up or your college friends are waiting for you to join the game. Don’t despair, as you can place a do my assignment for me request and get things like proofreading or editing done by a trained expert. Getting help with your tasks will save a great deal of time and make you feel less stressed! 

Consider Scholarships For College Athletes 

If you belong to college athletes and do your best to achieve academic success, consider seeking scholarships that will help you manage your studies and receive special academic schedules, among other things. Even if you are majoring in physical education and traumas recovery programs, you can still apply for relevant scholarships that are not based on one’s academic merits but require strong social skills and leadership qualities. Discuss this aspect with your academic advisor, as it is one of the most efficient solutions as you combine sports and studies. 

Author Bio

As an educator, researcher, and supporter of an active lifestyle, Joanne researches the fields of online education, technology, and active sports. Her posts offer helpful tips for modern learners who want to stay active. Follow Joanne to take your ideas to another level as you learn.