Motorcycling in Zadar, Croatia

Tour distance:
350km / 217mi
1 day
Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage, located in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. It is the center of Zadar County and the wider northern Dalmatian region.

Being famous as an oasis of tranquility, Zadar hosts an influx of tourists at every season of the year. But all these visitors do not come here only for the relaxation that undoubtedly this city has to offer. Many of them are thrill seekers and their excessive desire is to explore every corner of this cultural city.

That’s why they try the adventurous activity of Motorcycling. Motorcycling in Zadar is a lifetime experience. You start from the city of Zadar and you get in touch of the famous Velebit mountain, from where you will have really breathtaking views. While driving on the scenic twisty roads over the mountain, you will ultimately follow the wiggling flows of the three largest Dalmatian rivers, Zrmanja, Krka and Cetina. So let yourself get amazed by wonderful works of art, created by stone and water over millions of years.

What’s better than tasting the traditional food of this place and relax a little bit? Then you continue your tour and visit the POI Zavratnica sightseeing. Before you get back to Zadar city you will have some unforgettable moments at Pag Island.

And now that you have enjoyed yourself with this unique experience, you return in Zadar, where it will be the final destination point,  you can savor a glass of old beer and remember this day for the rest of your life. At 350 km / 217 mi of this adventurous long tour, try to make the most of it!