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Some people say the NFL protects quarterbacks too much. They have so many rules designed to keep QBs safe. We say these rules aren’t enough. QBs have a target on their back every time they touch the ball.

Rule makers do a great job of creating rules aimed at protecting quarterbacks. Still, you need to arm yourself with protective gear. If you’re not properly equipped, there’s a strong risk of injuries.

Φωτογραφία από Keith Johnston από το Pixabay

Injuries can be career-ending for young NFL players. And if you’re not yet in the National League, an injury could kill any dreams you have of becoming a pro baller. In this guide, we’ll talk more about how QB pads can help prevent injuries and extend your footballing career.

Let’s dive right in.

Protection from Heavy Hits

Football is a contact sport. As a QB, you can’t really avoid being hit. Everyone in the defense line wants to drop you in full force hoping you’ll fumble the ball. Shoulder and chest pads provide insulation during these hits.

Considering footballers can weigh up to 300 pounds, any hit can increase your risk of an injury. The only way to stay safe is to be a good player. Secondly, you need to invest in the best shoulder pads for quarterbacks. Good shoulder and chest pads minimizes the risk of severe injuries.

QB pads protect you by absorbing some of the shock transferred to you during heavy contact. The efficiency of a pad depends on how it was designed. So, make sure to shop around for the best-rated pads.

Stability During Movements

Quarterbacks cover hundreds of yards in every game. Sometimes they need to make quick movements in multiple directions to avoid defensive players. Without proper equipment, this constant running can court injuries.

As a QB, you need kneepads that say in place no matter how many awkward runs you make during a game. And if you drop on the ground, these pads need to protect you from injuries.

Without proper pads, many QBs wouldn’t finish a season without injuries. The high impact in the game exposes players to bruises, soreness, and a lot of muscle wear.

Heat Preservation

Joints in the knees, elbows, and shoulders tend to lock up when not active. This is a major problem for QBs who needs to accelerate quickly and evade opposing players constantly.

Surprisingly, pads help footballers keep their joints warm and loose even while on the bench. When they start action, they don’t need to warm up. They can commence their explosive plays without exposing them to injuries.

Providing Flexibility

Good shoulder pads are designed for agility. They must allow the QB to move around quickly and efficiently. This explains why manufacturers focus on motion and comfort over looks when creating shoulder and chest pads.

If you get the chance to test out different pads, ensure they hold you in an upright posture. They should be upright and feature a lot of padding. If you’re planning to buy pads online, check your measurements.

Measure your chest’s circumference and shoulder width. Then buy a top-rated shoulder pad online. You’ll most probably save money. Also, you can easily find high-quality pads.

Protection from Repetitive Motion

Football is a form of workout. And as you probably know, exercising at full force can attract injuries. And no, we’re not talking about injuries caused by coming into contact with cornerbacks and linemen.

Think of all the joint movements QBs make in the span of one game. They have to throw the ball dozens of times. Then they’re usually moving left and right, which can strain their knee and ankle joints.

Although these workouts strengthen their joints, they require time to heal. If a QB does the same plays every day, there’s a chance their joints will give up at some point.

Pads help QBs have longer careers by lessening their exposure to injuries. They reduce shock; provide heat and insulation that’s necessary in improving recovery time after a workout.

Bottom Line

When you’re a QB, your health and fitness are constantly at stake. If your joints betray you, someone on the field will put you on injury reserve. Football equipment like pads can insulate you from the pain that comes with being hit on the field. They can help you reduce injuries and prolong your career.