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When you think of social media in this day and age, TikTok certainly comes to mind. 

In the short time that TikTok has been in existence, it has been nothing short of a sensation. It has grown in popularity, and today, it boasts millions of users worldwide. The platform has allowed the business to gain more and more exposure.

"Extreme Movie Night Vol.3"

TikTok has also taken over the sports world as it has some form of brand placement. There is fear of a brand missing out if it does not go down that road. TiTok has a vast audience that consists of the young generation below 30 years. Therefore, a brand whose target audience is within this age bracket stands to benefit a lot.

As often seen as the predecessor of TikTok, Snapchat has over 100 sports partnerships. Therefore, for TikTok, it was essential to try and compete. They now use mixed video content that includes relevant pop culture music, which has proven to be a a big win when it comes to engagement.

Impact of TikTok on Sports

You cannot ignore the simple fact that sportsmen, women, and teams are most of the following accounts on social media. Athletes have found a way of engaging with their fan base. 

Meanwhile, you cannot overlook the fact that live events have brought more social engagement. TikTok has become an enormous platform when it comes to the display of current trends and businesses. This ranges from the latest team news and trash talks. The fact is, sports-related topics are always causing a buzz online.

Below are a few ways TikTok impacts the sports world.

Creating Trends

This is by far the best way for a brand to optimize itself on TikTok. For example, the #WeReady. This gave NFL fans a chance to create clips to showcase their teams’ pride. This took the 30 NFL teams to the next level by acquiring a massive following.

User-Generated Content 

Creating user-generated content is always a win for any business. Sports teams like the NFL and NBA will experience a lot of online exposure through haul videos. Many fans will record clips with team jerseys cheering the teams and encouraging others to join the bandwagon.

Creative Content

TikTok has given them the opportunity of creating creative content. This aspect is crucial for sports teams and sports professionals to bring their creative side into play. This is one of the mind-blowing aspects that sports brands can embrace. One noticeable feature within TikTok is their aims for aesthetically pleasing layouts. Content creators are becoming more creative, which is helping the brands reach a broad audience. 

Understanding how TikTok works in terms of features, trends, and algorithms can help your brand create content that resonates with the TikTok users. 

TikTok and Sports Sponsorships

Besides news and sports content, TikTok has partnered with many sports teams and athletic events worldwide. Let’s take a look at the roles TikTok plays in different sports. 

NFL Partnership

On September 3, TikTok stepped a notch high by signing a deal with NFL with the hashtag #WeReady. This deal took the world by storm as fans created short clips showcasing their teams’ pride. This was around the NFL’s 100th season.

During the NFL-TikTok partnership signing, the giants were the first to come on board. The giants created a 15-sec video ahead of their opening match against the Cowboys. Over time the giants are becoming one of the most followed NFL teams.

Many professional sports teams are now embracing TikTok. Although the NBA joined the platform in 0ctober 2016, the partnership deal came 2yrs down the line. However, NBA declined to comment on the partnership deal.

Sports teams need to look out for what TikTokers enjoy and create content that resonates with them. This is a crucial aspect of ensuring TikTokers feel that players also relate with them.

UFC Debut

It’s no secret that MMA has gained explosive popularity since its debut in 1993. The UFC has now become a household in the sports world. Since then, UfC has become successful in most professional sports promotions.

Competition has been on the rise with its continued success, and they must continue fighting hard to remain relevant. For instance, the UFC has recently announced plans to launch a new Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) promotion. 

This championship will allow fighters to compete against each other across multiple organizations. In addition, the UFC will have more opportunities to broadcast fights live on television. With so much change coming at once, TikTok wants to ensure that they stay relevant.

While the UFC is busy promoting itself, TikTok is focused on growing its brand. Their strategy is to focus on providing top-notch products while maintaining a high level of customer service. That means giving away free stuff such as t-shirts and caps.

How TikTok Keeps Sports Fans Engaged

It’s no surprise that covid-19 wreaked havoc everywhere, not sparing sports either. Seasons suspended hold, and the players’ future has become quite uncertain. However, the buzz is still on; social sites like TikTok have found a way around it. Below are a few ways TikTok has brought athletes and fans together.

Memes and Humorous Content

For instance, the recent Michael Jordan last dance took social sites by storm. TikTok has made athletes bring on their human side. Embracing memes and humorous content has become very popular for athletes connecting with their fans. Philadelphia Flyers’ account for mascot Gritty is a perfect example, and the post has received so much engagement, one post after the other.

Meanwhile, significant teams are following suit, which is the potential of making content go viral. Trending stories and challenges are now seeing athletes in the front row.

Showing Support in Local Communities

Activism has become the talk on social media in recent times. Teams can therefore be humanizing themselves by showing how they are making a difference in their local communities. Charity events and initiatives that impact fans at the grass root levels.

Athletes Telling Their Stories

Originality is key. Athletes have heard a bumpy ride to be where they are today. Sharing their stories can be inspiring to fans, especially when the athlete includes some humor when telling their stories. This helps create meaningful connections with their fans.

The Impact Tik Tok on Sports: Final Thoughts

If you want to get the latest sports news, memes and stories, TikTok is the best place. Just install the TikTok app and enjoy sports news anywhere with your phone.