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Basketball is among the most common ball games in the world. This is a game that offers the best recreational moment. Great talents have molded successful careers in basketball. All over the world, there is an increase in the love for the sport. This makes them pay for tickets each day when a local tournament is being held.

The list is endless concerning the basketball playing grounds which are available. In America, there are great courts which you can visit and enjoy a thrilling match. Some of the major pitches are filled and aired live globally. If you are a fan of basketball, there are several places which you should not miss. Below is a list of them.

Venice Beach

It is located in Los Angeles and is known for its sunshine, beautiful beach, and palm trees. It offers options when it comes to the courts. If you like the outdoor muscle-building courts, there are a number of them. The place also offers hallowed basketball courts. Venice Beach is infamous for several NBA superstar sightings. The stars like Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin participate in the major summer tournament. This sports event happens once a year.

Madison Square Garden

The location is Manhattan, NY. It hosts some of the best basketball matches. At the grounds, there are different sites for other activities such as ice hockey music, and theatre. This offers you diversity while waiting for the tournament to begin. The garden is known as a hub for elite basketball competitions.

The Knickers have a record of two 60-point individual performances. This is from Bernard King and Carmelo Anthony. The rangers have been actively taking part in the games for 85 years. When it comes to the high-scoring games, Michael Jordan set the standard on individual capacity.

United Center

It is based in Chicago and is home to great basketball players. Its legendary Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose began their careers here. In the 1966-67 season, the Bulls joined the NBA and since then has been making progress. Their great success began when they signed great local talents. In the 1990s, they pocketed 6 titles in 8 seasons.

Dealers are majoring in branded apparel for the great stars and the club. Online vendors are the best choice. The folks at goalrilla.com advise doing extensive research online to get what you like. You also find different accessories for your basketball pitch. There are modern basketball hoops that have exceptional features. The portable ones are gaining much popularity. These movable hoops offer flexibility to what games to play at the pitch.

Rucker Park

The courts are in Harlem, New York. It’s located off 155th. It is along Harlem River Drive in Upper Manhattan. The Holcombe Rucker Park acted as the basketball court for amateur players. It offered them a chance to showcase their talents to the world. The lucky ones secured professional contracts and deals.

NBA icons such as Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant participated in several matches. This was to give motivation to the young talents to see their future in basketball. If you want a chance to meet different superstars, Rucker Park is the place to target.

Staples Center

It is seen as one of the premier venues for the league. It showcases the different NBA talents. The Lakers have a long list of stars who have appeared in the Hall of Fame Talent. Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Wilt Chamberlain are among the great names associated with the basketball club.

The competition at the courts is great and unpredictable. Each round brings more and more excitement such that you hardly realize when the match is over. Booking your ticket in time is key for a chance to be among the spectators.

TD Garden in Boston

The arena was initially an unofficial basketball museum for the NBA. It was transformed into TD Garden and is now home for the Celtics. The club has a rich history of winning titles over the years. For that spectacular basketball tournament, book a place on this court and you will not regret it.

Oracle Arena

It is found in Oakland, California. It lacks historical prowess such as the Celtics, Knickers, and Lakers. However, the Golden State Warriors have risen over the years and proven to be worthy opponents in the NBA title races. The unending support from fans has made the Oracle arena experience electric performances. The arena is typically filled every game night and this has been a huge support for the Warriors.

The world of basketball is wide. There are more establishments of arenas and courts for hosting these thrilling games. The diversity of the tournaments you can visit is increasing more. Targeting the top-class ones will assure you of the best matches ever. These stadiums offer you the chance to meet iconic basketball players.