Paragliding in Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Vertical Drop:
365 m (1198 ft)
Base Elevation:
274 m (899 ft)
Top Elevation:
1231 m (4039 ft)
Grouse Mountain is one of the most appropriate places to relax, enjoy yourself and have as much adventure as you need. It is one of the North shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is often said that if you visit this place, you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy every second of your life.

This spot is ideal both in winter and summer season. So, visit this area, perform paragliding and discover the most exciting way to feel the adrenaline at the highest level. Offering a wide range of winter and summer activities and excellent conditions, this place will impress you.

The resort provides a skiable area of 212 ac/0.85 km², a vertical drop of 365 m (1198 ft), a base elevation of 274 m (899 ft) and a top elevation of 1231 m (4039 ft). Imagine yourself launching from the peak of Grouse Mountain and landing in Cleveland Park , in a drop elevation of 1006 m (3300 ft) and let the adventure of this activity take you away.

In order to practice your sport without limits, a school is available. Exercising paragliding requires participants to be at least 6 years old and weigh no more than 220 lb/100 kg. The peak season to experience paragliding is from late June to early September. We wholeheartedly recommend to visit this place and enjoy a really exciting activity.