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Lockdowns present several challenges to deal with. Among the top challenges is the addition of extra pounds. When you’re going out and you move around and you don’t get to gain weight as much.

When trying to figure out what best way to avoid weight gain during lockdowns, treadmills may come highly recommended. But are they really what you should be looking at – alone? Not quite as there are a few options that you can look at.

When searching for useful ways you can use to avoid gaining weight, here are the ones you can use.

1. Mind What, How, and When You Eat

First, you know that eating too much and without a proper plan may be a major cause of weight gain. You need to have a clear stuck-out plan as to when you eat, first. Which can be hard since you’re at home with not much to do other than eat – a lot.

  • When?

Follow a strict schedule when it comes to eating and has meal timings. For example, you can continue with breakfast as early as you used to before. Then have some lunch around 1 and dinner much later.

  • What?

You may be tempted to forget food structure since you’re in the house most of the time. And snacking may look like a harmless hobby. This can lead to you gaining weight since you’ll be eating every other time.

You won’t have time to focus on eating healthy since snacks are consuming most of your mealtime. You can snack, but at specific times of the day, maybe a few hours between breakfast and lunch. And in between lunch and dinner, but if you can avoid snacking the better.

  • How?

Practice eating slow when you are having your meals. You now have more time to eat than when you were in a rush all day. Take an hour to eat your lunch and break down the food as slowly as possible.

– Don’t turn your bedroom into an eating area. This is the most direct route to weight gain – you won’t be able to stop eating. Your own laziness won’t stop you from eating.

2. Exercise

Remember this, the lockdown doesn’t take away your exercising privileges, it only does away with your social privileges. You can make use of various exercising equipment to ensure you’re not only avoiding weight gain but also keeping fit.

There are two pieces of equipment that you can look to use, either a max trainer or a treadclimber. In case you’re wondering, the max trainer vs treadclimber debate still rages on. Here’s how you can pick what works for you between the two.

  • Treadclimber

– Here, you’ll be stair climbing and walking.

– You work out your glutes, quads, calves, core, and hamstring muscles.

– The low impact involved when exercising.

– Moderate muscle strengthening.

– It’s also easy to use and has a moderate risk for injury.

The only downside you have to deal with is you need additional exercise. Your upper body needs extra workouts.

  • Max trainer

– Running and stair climbing when you exercise.

– The exercise involves your back, core, hamstring, glutes, quads, and calve muscles.

– You get better muscle strength.

– There’s low impact involved.

– It’s easy to use this equipment to exercise.

– Total body workout.

– Low injury risk.

3. Increase Your Fluid Intake

You need to also increase your fluid intake as you want to remain hydrated. First, because you’ll be working out, you need extra fluids in your body. There’s a lot of work that water does in your body that you may not know about.

Importantly, you need to increase your water intake. And when talking about water, think of clear clean water. Coffee, tea, and other fluids may count to some extent. But overall plain water works wonders in your body.

-You can also think of juicing as a way to increase your fluid intake. With juicing, you can also look to juice some foods like celery, carrots, pineapple, spinach among others. This can help if you don’t enjoy consuming these types of food whole.

4. Monitor Yourself

You need to know how much you weigh on a normal day before you can determine if you’ve added weight or not. It’s better you have a diary and have a scale to monitor how much you gain or lose.

During a lockdown, you’re bound to be laid back a bit and you can put up some weight. To ensure you don’t gain more weight, here are a few useful ways you can use.