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Regular cycling provides many benefits like stimulating and improving your circulation, reducing fat levels, strengthening your heart muscles, and lowering the resting pulse, which reduces cardiovascular disease risk. Experts state that riding stationary bikes provides benefits like strengthening your lower body and legs. However, you need to remember that most exercise bikes are designed for people weighing less than 220 pounds. 

If you are on the heavier side, you need to look for bikes explicitly built for heavy people. Here are some tips for buying the best exercise bike for heavy person.

Extended Weight Capacity 

When looking for an exercise bike for a heavy person, you should look at the maximum weight it can support. Consider your weight when looking at the weight capacity of the exercise bike. For example, if you are 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh around 295 lbs. or more, you need to look for an exercise bike with an extended weight capacity of at least 400 lbs. 

Bikes with extended weight capacity have a heavy-duty frame that can easily support your heavy body and allow you to exercise safely. The exercise bike for a heavy person is more likely to have more steel in the bike than a traditional exercise bike. 

Smooth Pedalling 

The exercise bike you select should offer comfortable pedalling. In simple words, the pedals should have smooth motion without jerks. The flyweight is a crucial factor in smooth pedalling action. Hence, you need to look for an exercise bike having a flywheel weighing at least three kilograms for enhanced joint comfort.

Remember one golden rule, the heavier the flywheel, the more comfortable the heavy person feels while pedalling. It is necessary if you plan to ride the stationary bike every day as part of your daily exercise routine. You can pedal different exercise bikes to select the best exercise bike for a heavy person. 


Exercise bikes come with different features. Here is the list of features you need to look for. 

  • Basic Features: Every exercise bike comes with basic features like distance, average calories burn, speed, and exercise time 
  • Exercise Programs: Advanced exercise bikes come with various programs like performance development and weight loss. These exercise bikes also come with heart rate monitors that are helpful to change your workout. The exercise programs allow you to keep track of your progress and improve your performance. If you want your exercise bike to show accurate heart rates, look for bike models with a heart rate strap. 
  • Compatible Applications: Some exercise bikes for heavy people are compatible with fitness applications. They can give you customized workouts based on your physical ability and fitness goals. 

These features are like having a coach by your side when you are cycling, and they can play a crucial role in helping you attain your health and fitness goals.


Comfort is an essential factor when using a stationary exercise bike. If you are not comfortable using the exercise bike, you will avoid using it during your regular exercise sessions. There are several aspects of comfort in an exercise bike. Here are some important ones you need to consider.

  • Adjustable Handlebar: The position of the handlebar plays a crucial role in overall comfort while using the bike. Experts mention the handlebar should be at least as high as your seat or above. It will allow you to sit upright while pedaling the exercise bike. If the handlebar is lower than your seat, you will be pushed toward the handlebar, and it will put more stress on your arms, wrists, neck, and back. An adjustable handlebar ensures you can change the height of the handlebar as per your preference. If more than one person uses the exercise bike, the adjustable handlebar ensures each person can set the correct height of the handlebar for a productive workout session. ‍
  • Seat: Heavy people are more likely to have a wider region below the waist. Hence, exercise bikes for heavy people have more oversized seat cushions and backrests for users of any size. 

To sum up, the above features should all be considered when choosing exercise bikes for heavy people. Look for as many as you can to match your physique and riding style to ensure the best workout.