Scuba Diving in Santa Catalina Wall, La Romana, Dominican Republic

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Summer Months
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All Divers
Hispaniola Island is divided into two nations. Haiti is standing on the western side of the island, while Dominican Republic is located on the eastern side. The island is lying in the northern Caribbean Sea. Dominican Republic is situated on the south-eastern side of Cuba, on the eastern side of Jamaica and on the western side of Puerto Rico.

Around Dominican Republic, there are many interesting dive sites, which attract many tourists from all over the world. Santa Catalina Wall is located on the southern side of the country. The Wall is an amazing drop-off stretching the Caribbean Sea. More specifically, this dive spot is on the western side of Santa Catalina Island. The average depth of the site is 30 m/98.4 ft, while the maximum depth is about 45 m/147.6 ft.

There are many reasons why you should dive in the Santa Catalina Wall. First of all, it is a wonderful dive site for all levels of divers. Note that you may choose among a large variety of scuba diving schools that make excursions to Santa Catalina Wall. Secondly, divers have the chance to meet an impressive variety of corals in many colors, sizes, shapes and of course many kinds of fish. The best season to visit this dive site is during the period of summer months. The temperature of the water averages 28˚C/82.4˚F. As Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, the weather is quite warm all year round. The annual average temperature is 25˚C/77˚F.

It is generally accepted that Santa Catalina Wall is one of the best dive spots in the Dominican Republic. So, don’t miss it!