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Every basketball player needs to develop specific skills to excel in their basketball career. Their body must be stable, strong, balanced, and able to take the force of particular movements in the basketball field. With the right gym equipment you can excel in basketball skills.

It is why there are specific exercises that a basketball player can do in a gym with proper equipment, which will increase their overall body strength.

Marcel Schreiber from Unsplash

Basketball Training Exercise for Players to do in the Gym

1.Glute Bridge: 

Your glutes are essential for all the jumping and explosive movements in the basketball game. Thus, this workout will help you firm your muscle pattern in your glute area.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Lay down on your back and bring your knees up.
  • Squeeze your knees together. While raising your hips towards the ceiling for added pressure.
  • Make sure your shoulders and feet are still touching the ground.
  • Hold this stance for a few instants before releasing it.
  • Do this exercise ten more times for fitness.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press:

It is the best workout for improving your shoulder stability. An alternate dumbbell press also helps enhance your balance and the overall form of your upper body.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Lay down on the gym bench on your back.
  • Hold dumbbells in both of your hands.
  • Now, bring both hands towards your chest. And one by one, lift your hands towards the ceiling alternatively.
  • Put some pressure while raising the hands towards the ceiling.
  • Repeat this exercise ten times.

3. Goblet Squat:

A player’s lower body is very much significant in a basketball game. To boost the vigor of the lower body, the goblet squat is very beneficial.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Hold a kettle with both hands and bring it to your chest.
  • Squat down while holding the kettle still against your chest.
  • Make sure your elbows are touching your knees while squatting.
  • Hold the posture for a few seconds and stand back up again.
  • Repeat this movement ten times more.

4. Pull-ups:

It is a vital exercise to raise the whole potency of a player’s back. It also enhances the grip of players. It is highly beneficial for overall body strength.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Hang your body on a bar with both of your hands.
  • Now, pull your body up with the help of your shoulder blades.
  • You will feel pressure in your shoulders and back, which is beneficial to increase your strength in those areas.
  • Now gently bring yourself back.
  • Repeat the movement ten more times.

5. Lateral Lunge:

It is overtly beneficial for increasing a basketball player’s strength, balance, and overall stability. It also helps in expanding the muscles of a player’s hips.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Stand straight on a mat. Place the right leg ahead of you.
  • Now gently squat down through your right leg.
  • Your left leg is supposed to be straight.
  • Try to squat as low as you possibly can. Hold the pose for a few moments before standing right back up.
  • Repeat the movement ten more times.

6. Single leg hurdle hop:

It is an essential exercise for basketball players because it trains their body to take the pressure by landing on single feet and avoid the usual injuries. It builds their strength to take the force of landing.

Steps to follow to perform the exercise:

  • Stand in front of the line of hurdles on one leg.
  • Now, hop on those hurdles with one leg.
  • Complete the hurdles and shift to the other leg.

Key to Successful Workouts

To make any workout session successful, you are required to follow certain tips.

Following is the information to successfully complete your basketball training session in the gym and see faster results.

1.Be consistent in your training routine:

Consistency and discipline in your routine is the primary key to success in anything you would set your mind and body to.

Similarly, being consistent in the gym with all the workouts mentioned above will give you faster and more effective results in your basketball training sessions. Also, being consistent with your workout plan is essential.

2. Your comfort zone is your foe:

You can only achieve some of the skills you want by being in your comfort zone. It is holding you back, and to attain those rigorous skills for your basketball, you need to ditch your comfort zone and put yourself in challenging situations. You will learn new skills by getting out of your comfort zone.

3. Learn your skills:

During any workout session, learning how every skill is performed correctly is essential. Because if you will not, you are putting yourself in a place where you can get injured.

With consistency, discipline, and correct learning of the skills, you can master your basketball training in the gym with ease and success.


The above mentioned exercises are the best for any basketball player, which they can easily perform in a gym without any extra aid.

If you have further interest in basketball history, we have a guide to share more and recommend to keep reading.