Skate Boarding in Washington Way Skatepark, Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand

Christchurch is situated in Canterbury region in the South Island, and is the second largest city of New Zealand. It represents the getaway to Antarctica, while lying next to Pegasus Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Overall the city is surrounded by Avon, Heathcote and Waimakariri Rivers, and the Canterbury Plains. The climate is considered to be temperate, with cool and mild summers (maximum temperature 23°C/73°F), and cold and frosty winters (temperatures fall below 0°C/32°F frequently).

Christchurch is the paradise of skateboarding lovers with many areas dedicated to skating. Washington Way Skatepark is considered to be by many skaters the best skatepark in the city. It hosts many concrete ramps, rails, banks, ledges and hips (beginners bowl area as well), thus perfect for transition and street skating.

Slide on the rails, make your jumps and ollies off the ramps and land back again on your board, do stunning kickflips and drop-ins. Buy or take your skateboard with you and get ready to perform amazing tricks up in the air!

Note: It often gets too crowded.