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The users who are already using drawing tablets can make a whole list of its benefits. Basically, a drawing tablet can help users digitize their drawings. It is a great way for computer artists to convert their ideas into a digital form. 

However, drawing tablets can be a huge investment. It is better to make a market analysis before choosing the right tablet for yourself. A drawing tablet that can connect to phone is a great way of saving money. When you use a drawing tablet, it also requires a computer system. 

In case you don’t own a computer, a drawing tablet that can connect to phone can be a great boon. Nowadays, the display screens of phones are good enough to operate as digital screens.  

How to use a drawing tablet that can connect to phone?

Many people are still under the impression that you can only use a computer to sync with a drawing tablet. But, it is not entirely true. In fact, many companies like https://www.veikk.com/ are manufacturing tons of drawing tablets that can connect to phones. 

They are developing drawing tablets that are compatible with smartphones. Most modern-day smartphones work hand-in-hand with different types of drawing tablets. Although there are some brands that only support specific models of phones surely there are many others that have no such restrictions.

Using a drawing tablet that can connect to phone

When establishing a link between a drawing tablet and a phone, there are some steps that need a keen following. Despite it being an easy task, it is better to follow the procedure step by step to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

First of all, we need a special adapter often called a USB OTG adapter. It is easily available in the market at affordable prices. The next step is to connect the USB OTG connector with the phone. Once the adapter connects to the phone, make sure to connect the USB wire that belongs to the drawing tablet by hooking it to the adapter. Now, the user can use open their phone and start testing the tablet with it.

After this, the tablet starts working as required. In case, you encounter difficulties in starting from the start. Disconnect everything and reconnect again after a few minutes following the above-stated steps. For more details, you can even connect with the manufacturer’s online site for guidance. 

Sometimes the existing system on your phone may not allow compatibility with the drawing tablet. But this issue is resolvable. You can simply download some drivers that can help in making your phone compatible with the drawing tablet.

Why use a drawing tablet that can connect to phone?

There are many advantages of using a drawing tablet that can connect to phone. Digital artists are now utilizing such kinds of systems to enhance, and sharpen their skills in digital and graphic drawing on tablets using phones. 

The major benefit of using a phone with a drawing tablet is its portability. Nowadays, the phone has become a basic necessity. Similarly, in this case, phones can provide an excellent on-the-go platform for converting your graphic ideas into reality.

It is even feasible for students who have affordability issues yet want to use a digital stage to express them. They don’t need to own an entire computer system. The availability of a phone that is compatible with the drawing tablet is enough to prompt ideas on the digital platform.

Moreover, the phones we own today are no less than high-speed and quality computer systems. Our phones are basically modern-day computers that can fit into your pocket. It is in fact a convenient form of achieving your goals. It has become faster and more practical on many accounts.

The only hindrance we can think about is the screen size of a phone when using a drawing tablet. It may not be an altering factor; still, it can delay the performance. Other than this, there is no reason big enough to not use phones that are compatible with drawing tablets. The combined advantages of using a phone for drawing tablets are way more than the minor setup related to the screen size.


In this fast-paced world where the digital realm is evolving day by day, users are making choices that are feasible. The idea behind using a phone in connection with drawing tablets can be very beneficial. It has opened a whole new world of improvisation when users lack resources like computer systems.