Surfing in Long Strand-Castlefreke, Cork, Ireland

Skill Level:
Best Wind Direction:
Ideal Swell Direction:
South, Southwest
County Cork is situated in the South-West Region of Ireland and it is the largest of all Irish counties. The climate here, like the rest of Ireland, is classified as a maritime climate, usually with cool summers, mild winters and abundant rainfall. Cork enchants visitors with its beautiful landscapes, historic towns and magnificent coastline. In addition, it provides with a number of sporting and leisure activities to perform and remember forever.

Long Strand-Castlefreke is a long, sandy beach, that is located close to Clonakilty. It is a popular surf break, as it offers consistent surf at any time of the year. Advanced surfers can enjoy an exciting performance of their favorite sport, while the site provides incredible views across the beach and the sea.

The best wind direction comes from the northeast and the ideal swell direction is from the south and southwest. The site offers both left and right hand waves. In addition, the swell sizes can start from 1 m/3 ft and hold up to 3 m-3.5/10-12 ft. Furthermore, the best tide movement is rising and falling tides and the ideal tide position is low and mid tide.

In summer, the wind blows offshore at 18%, in autumn the wind blows at 17%, in winter at 18% and in spring at 24%. Bear in mind that, Long Strand-Castlefreke can get very crowded, especially during weekends. Note: be careful of rips and rocks.