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Roller skates are used for different things, these may include fitness, fun, transportation, and disco or dancing. Perhaps the starting point in choosing a pair of roller skates would be knowing its purpose. Choosing the right pair of men’s roller skates can be confusing especially if it’s your first time purchasing them. Hence, here are some tips to make your choice easier:

1.Get The Right Skate 

If you’re a beginner at roller skating, you might want to choose quad skates. Their wheels are arranged in a two-by-two configuration, giving them more stability. Quad skates have breaks located under the toe of both boots, making them easier to control. If you’re looking to slow-dance on your skates, quad skates may also be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you like to push boundaries, you’re probably not afraid of speed and corners. Inline skates are probably your best bet. Inline skates are easier to manage because their wheels are arranged in one straight line. They’re also great for hockey and outdoor skating. This is because they allow for speed and easy maneuvering around potholes and corners.

2. Check Its Size

Size is important when choosing men’s roller skates. Choosing the right size for shoes can be tricky, let alone roller skates. It’s ideal to avoid your toes from touching the nose of the skate because that would mean they’re too small. You also don’t want them loose because that may cause accidents.

If you’re a first-time roller skate shopper, you might want to go one size up your regular size. Make sure you read the size guide first. In case you find the skates you want and it’s too small in size, you might want to go two sizes up.

3. Determine Whether You Want Indoor Or Outdoor Skates

When it comes to figuring out suitable skates for either indoors or outdoors, wheels are the main point of focus. Indoor wheels are harder, giving them less grip. This allows them to move easily on floors and derby tracks. You’ll find that outdoor wheels have more grip due to their softness. Thus, they’re better equipped to absorb shock as they roll over rough surfaces.

However, you should know that some roller skates are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This means they have a hardness level between a standard indoor and outdoor wheel hardness. You can purchase these instead to avoid confusion. Although if you’re a more serious skater, you’re likely to prefer specific wheels for either indoor or outdoor use.

4. Add Skate Protection

Skating can be fun and it’s easy to get carried away. People falling on skates and hurting themselves is not a foreign concept. Therefore, it’s wise to stay protected. You should purchase a skate helmet along with your roller skates. Helmets are there to protect from head injuries. Since you typically use your hand to shield yourself when you fall, you should also have wrist guards. 

Make sure you buy certified safety equipment to guarantee you are truly protected. Other safety equipment includes knee pads and elbow pads. So, if you’re choosing the best men’s roller skates, consider the ones that come with EN 1078 certified protective equipment.

5. Consider Trucks And Plates

When it comes to trucks and plates that come with roller skates you should know whether you prefer agility or stability. This depends on what you intend to use your skates for. Most plates are made of nylon, making them lighter in weight. Trucks, however, are made of aluminum making them strong and heavier.

Also, you’ll find that most quad skates have cushions underneath. You can replace these anytime to your liking. The cushions determine how quick and easy to move your skates are. The softer the cushions are, the more flexible they are. The harder the cushions are, the sturdier they are. Thus, making them most suitable for beginners.

6. Know Your Style

Your style will help you determine whether you like high-top or low-top boots. While high-top boots will give you a more nostalgic and old-school look, low-top boots will give you a more modern sneaker-like look.

Low-top boots will allow for more speed and are best suitable for derby and jam skates. On the other hand, high-top boots are usually used on artistic and rhythm skates.


Choosing the best men’s roller skates can be very confusing. Knowing the perfect size can be one of the biggest challenges since they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose to allow for stability. However, this guide can make it easier as you now know what to look for when choosing roller skates.