Canyoning in Jalbire Canyon, Chitwan, Nepal

East Rapti River:
Best Period:
September to June
Ability Level:
Medium - Experienced
Getting there:
Highly recommended to avoid public transportation
Jalbire Canyon is located between two villages on the Trisuli River. One is called Panch and the other is called Simaltal and they are situated within the Chitwan District, in central Nepal. The area is characterized by rich flora and fauna and boasts amazing rivers, canyons, dense forests and a wide variety of outdoor activities for the adventure traveler. Here, the Jalbire Canyon offers the right adrenaline dose and unforgettable moments.

Jalbire Canyon is about 20 minutes drive south headed from the Mugling junction of the Priviti and Naryanghar Highways. At a nearby place, called Kabilas is where Jalbire Canyon is located, just near the confluence of the Seti and Trisuli river, but on the opposite side of the highway. The climate is continental, usually wet and humid and because of that, one can be prone to infections. Its water volume is manageable. In many parts it is needed to abseil or to slide.

Its cascade waterfalls, an amazing 100 m/328 ft high water drop at the top of the canyon, represent a unique setting for canyoning. The many water pools, the incredible rocky formations of karstic character make Jalbire canyon a superb canyoning spot. The surrounding jungle creates the perfect scenery for truly exciting moments. With three waterfalls at 25 m/82 ft high the fun is guaranteed.

Although Nepal is a small country, it has so many water bodies to swim, cliffs to abseil, waterfalls to slide that will definately impress any demanding visitor! You should be extremely careful in the roads. Due to the lack of hospital facilities in most of the areas, you  should be very cautious regarding your health status. But, in the end of the day, you are there because you are an extremer!!!!!!

Enjoy every jump!!!!