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When you’re on the road, safety should always be of paramount importance. Even more so when you’re driving and riding on a motorbike. With only two wheels, a motorbike is inherently less stable than that of a four-wheeled vehicle. This highlights the fundamental reason as to why safety should always be a priority.

Despite the danger that it brings, many riders still choose to go on the road with their motorbikes for a variety of reasons. Others are in it as a hobby and for the thrill. While some have other pressing reasons, such as convenience and a faster commute. Whatever your purpose, stay safe at all times.

Safety precautions aren’t and shouldn’t only be limited to how you ride safely on the road. A massive chunk of this also begins with wearing the proper safety gear, and knowledge of what to do should an accident, such as calling for a motorcycle accident lawyer. That said, here’s a list of the safety gear that you should don at all times, when in a motorbike:

1. Proper Shoes

Have you been planning to wear flip-flops while driving your motorbike? Please, don’t. You’re putting yourself in even more danger. The flip-flop itself may get stuck on any part of the motorbike. In the event of an accident, also, your feet are naked. You’re not giving it any layer of protection.

If you’re not planning to go on a long ride with your motorbike, you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive biker’s boots and shoes. The same applies, for instance, if you’re planning to go mountain biking. Closed shoes will do. Any shoe that you have at home that keeps your feet safe and comfortable is more than enough. In case you’re going to wear shoes with laces, make sure that you’ve tied these tightly too. Double-tie them, to be even more convinced.

2. Helmet

Depending on where you’re from, the helmet is always a topic of discussion. In most states and countries, however, this is legally required by law. But, even if it isn’t, do wear a helmet at all times. It may be hot, bulky, and uncomfortable, but it protects one of the most important and delicate parts of your body: your head.

You don’t have to be a science genius to know that your head contains your skull. Your skull protects your brain. Any damage to that area can be potentially life-threatening. Bikers have lost lives, even without any physical injuries, but because of traumatic brain injuries. Always have a helmet.

There are different types of helmets for you to choose from, such as:

  • Full-faced helmet. This gives you coverage around your head and face, plus an additional at the base of the neck. This type of helmet provides the best protection.
  • ¾ helmet. This type of helmet covers the side, top, and only the back of your head. Protection in this type of helmet is lesser on the chin and facial area.
  • ½ helmet. This type of helmet is what’s also referred to as the “brain bucket.” It fully covers the top of your head, but only partially on the side and back. It also doesn’t have any coverage on the front.

3. Long Pants

Skirts and shorts are always a major no-no when driving a motorcycle. First, with the ladies, skirts can get uncomfortable. You can’t sit comfortably while on a skirt on a motorcycle. It may hamper your balance also. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to be worried all the time about your skirt flying awkwardly in the air while you drive. Else, you’ll be showing your underwear to the whole world.

For both ladies and men, shorts should also be a no-no. Always wear long pants when you’re driving and riding a motorcycle. First, in the event of an accident, your legs at least have some protection. Even when you fall, you may be able to lessen the risks of serious scabs and open wounds.

Even without an accident, also, not wearing pants exposes your legs to the inherent hazards that a motorbike brings. Bikes have a lot of exposed metal and hot pipes, such as where the smoke comes out. If your legs come in contact with this as you try to go up and down the motorbike, you’re sure to have burnt legs.

4. Jacket

No matter the weather or the distance, always don a jacket. This isn’t to say also that you’ve got to go and burn cash on a biker’s jacket when you don’t even use the bike regularly. If you have a leather jacket at home for the winter months, that’s already good enough. The point is still to have an added layer of protection, just in case you fall.


Most experts and long-term riders know that protection and safety are two of the most important things to remember when street biking. There’s so much danger when you’re out in the highways. Even more so, in this case, when you’re traveling on only two wheels. Getting ready to go with your motorcycle on the road always involves a little planning. This begins with this checklist of the proper gear to have, to always stay safe.