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We all have some old skateboard covered with dust sitting in our garage or storeroom that we are hiding from our kids because most parents are afraid of seeing their kid rides a skateboard. Well! You are making your kid miss out on a lot. There are too many misconceptions regarding skateboarding in our minds, but there are too many reasons as to why your kid must know how to ride a skateboard. So, let’s clear it all now.

Well, the first thing all parents are concerned with is the safety of their child, and most of them think that their kid will all the time be falling off the skateboard and hence call the sport dangerous. But the fact is that not buying the right skateboard for your kid is what is going to make him fall. If your kid is just beginning with skateboarding but you didn’t know which skateboard will be good for your kid and you go to the store and buy him or her a skateboard that was for pros then, of course, it’s not the fault of a skateboard.


So, let’s get rid of all the safety excuses and read this article so you would know which skateboard you should buy for your kid who is just getting into skateboarding.

Now, that you know the right skateboard for your kid let’s see what’s the buzz about skateboarding and why you should teach your kid skateboarding.

  1. Skateboarding will instill in your kid determination. You’ll know it as soon as your kid stands on a skateboard he or she will be determined to learn it. It is such an addictive sport, of course, in a healthy way. Even if your kid falls one or two times, he will not give up and will surely learn how to ride a skateboard.
  2. Skateboarding is a bit difficult to learn as compared to other games like cycling. So, even when your kid starts learning it, his confidence level will increase. And when he or she has learned it, this will be even better as your kid will have confidence in himself and a sense of achievement that will assure him that he can get any difficult task done.
  3. It is a very healthy activity as each and every part of the body is active while skateboarding. Your kid will be using his legs to ride it, which will really strengthen up the muscles. He will have to stay focused, which will be an exercise for the brain as well. He’ll have to bend, stand, jump and what not so it needs more activity than cycling does so it is a great exercise for your kid.
  4. Once, your kid learns how to ride a skateboard well enough, he or she can try out some cool moves too. Of course, that should be practiced in a skate park so that it is safe. But the main point is that this instills creativity in your child. Soon your kid will be trying out and making up moves by himself or herself.
  5. Some kids are very fearful of snowboarding, skiing or surfing and that fear remains with them later in life too when they can try and enjoy these sports with their friends. But, if your kid knows skateboarding, then it will surely eliminate their fear of the other boarding sports too because most of these sports are similar. They all need the same balancing and all which will really help your kid in the other sports too.

The Bottom Line

Skateboarding is a very healthy, creative, cool, and fun sport for your kid, and it will instill in your kid the sportsman spirit too. It will definitely teach your kid that falling is no big deal, but getting up after falling is the main thing. So, just get your kid the right skateboard, to begin with, take them to a skate park with all the safety gear on and let them have all the fun in learning how to ride a skateboard.