Mountaineering in Spantik (Golden) Peak, Karakoram Park, Pakistan

23054 ft/7027 m
June to September
Spantik, also known as Golden Peak, is a mountain that belongs in Spantik-Sosbun Mountain which is a subrange of Karakoram mountain, situated in Nagar Valley, Pakistan. The peak lies at northeast of Malubiting and east of Diran.

The Spantik, also called the Golden Peak, is a part of a mountain chain that forms the boundary between the Arandu Baltistan and Nager and is one of the quieter sections of the Karakoram. Along the years, Spantik has gained considerable popularity among expedition climbers and organized ascents operators.

Situated in a relatively accessible but still kind of remote region, its approach can be succeeded in only 3 days. The preclusion of the arduous marching approach is often associated with the 7000 – 8000 m/22965 – 26247 ft high of the Himalayan peaks.

The accessibility and the fact that its spectacular long ridge route is almost completely safe, make the peak to count a great blast in the number of the expeditions that tried to reach the summit, from one or two persons each season in the mid 90’s to an 8 per person average until 2000.

Many routes are possible with the relatively easy one, being the South East Ridge which is also called the Normal route. Visit one of the local schools that will organize one great mountaineering experience that you will mark your memory for the rest of your life.