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Paintball is more than just a sport, it’s an adrenaline adventure and a way to bond with your friends. It also gives people the opportunity to test their skills in combat against other opponents from different galaxies! The battle of paintball has transcended time periods for both humans as well as superhumans; it can be seen today between genders or even supernatural beings like superheroes versus supervillains.

"Parklands Paintball"


Paintball is a great experience for first-timers, but it can be daunting to know what you are doing. We’ve compiled key paintball tips that will help new players survive their first game and improve as time goes on.

1- Get Used To Being Hit With Paint

New players are often so scared of getting hit by a paintball that they spend all their first game curled up in the fetal position. While this might seem like an exciting way to play, it’s not helpful for your team because you’re hiding and being too safe instead of shooting other people or defending our base!

New players can be terrified when playing against experienced opponents due to how “painful” it is from just one direct-hit with a ball at high speeds – especially if fired directly into sensitive areas such as joints and sensitive spots on the body. Because many newbies focus solely on avoiding incoming fire, they end up spending most rounds pulled tightly back into themselves while remaining completely still – which leaves them vulnerable without any defense whatsoever!

The first thing to realise is that the fear of getting hit by a paintball can be worse than actually being hit. Once you’ve been struck, it turns out that pain isn’t so bad and your worries were unfounded all along!

2- Learn The Mechanics Of The Paintball Marker

Your paintball marker is one of the most important pieces in your equipment and you’ll want to make sure it’s always ready for battle. One way that can happen, if not already put into place by a professional before playing fields are created, is with gravity-fed markers which need an optimal position on their hopper (that holds paintballs) so they don’t get stuck when firing or jam up while trying to reload as well.

To make sure you’re ready to go, take some time before the match starts and test your marker out with another person so that it will be easier for you during gameplay!

If you are planning to be a permanent paintball player, you might consider buying a paintball marker such as Empire Axe.

3- Try to Feel Everything Around You

The first thing most new players do is cover their body when shots are fired. In a way, this makes sense. You should try and keep as much of your body behind cover as possible if it can be done safely. 

But being behind cover has its tradeoffs — the more that you’re protected from incoming fire, the less able to see your opponent will be. And in paintball matches where victory may depend on who shoots his or her opponents before they shoot themselves, not seeing them could end up costing someone dearly!

One of the most important things to do when you are playing a game is make sure that your eyes and ears are open at all times. You should use these senses in order to figure out what position each player on the opposite team is currently taking up. Then call it over communication channels so that your teammates know where they need to go before an enemy notices them! 

If you have three seconds while standing still or waiting for someone else’s signal, take this time as a good opportunity to not only see everything around you but also identify every opponent who might be trying to sneak up behind one of our players. 

It’s common knowledge by now how fast opponents can react – if they spot one member from their own side, there will likely be another soon after

4- Don’t get yourself pinned down

It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of battle, but before you make any move take some time for yourself. Think about what will happen if your current plan succeeds and also think ahead two moves so that it doesn’t cause a problem later on. 

If you do find yourself pinned down, don’t be afraid to shout out – one of your team members may have noticed something or they might just need confirmation from someone other than themselves! Silence can kill as well when there are no enemies around; not everyone has access to their mic all day long like we do with our keyboards tapped away at home.

Put thought into every movement during firefights: first assess the situation carefully then consider how best (or worst).