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Time management is one of the challenging things to do, especially if you are in your student life. For example, college athletes often find it challenging to balance their schedules during their time playing sports. That is why we have developed some of the top tips to help you manage your time in universities.

Practice prioritizing important work

One of the top time management tips for students is to practice prioritization of work. Unfortunately, teens are known for their carelessness, and a college is a place full of teens. Because of their negligence, many teens cannot control their schedules of sports and their studies simultaneously. No matter how hard they try, they always slip off their standard routine at least once and end up with unfavorable consequences. To avoid such adverse situations, it is significant that teens start prioritizing their essential tasks first. For instance, there is a football match you can play while sacrificing your assignments doing time. Now, many students will choose to play football instead of completing their assignments, thinking that they would do them later. As the saying goes, tomorrow never comes, that is why you should do your work at the very hour. However, if you cannot set a priority list, below are some tips that you can start with.

  • Assess whether which task is most beneficial
  • After the first step, please choose the most challenging task and do it first.
  • After you are done with it, choose the lesser critical, significant, and complex task from the first, and do it.

Descend your way into the assignments step-by-step, and you will be finished with your work before you even realize it. However, some people prioritize their sporting activities more than their education. If you are one of those die-hard sports fans, then you should not forget about college and do your homework on time; in case you have much work to do, you can ask for help from specialized services such as WriteMyEssay.ca that help students with their writing and can do my essay for me.

Use a schedule planner or keep a mini-calendar

How to balance school and sports schedules? You might have often heard this question by teenagers struggling in colleges because they can’t simultaneously handle their educational and sports life. An excellent way to keep track of your time concerning assignments and extracurricular activities like sports is keeping a schedule planner or calendar with you at all times. Now, many of you might skip reading this part as having a planner with you can be a burden, but trust us, it has more benefits than one can comprehend. Some of these benefits are written below,

  • Draft effective schedules – If you want your plans to be effectively planned according to time management, using a planner is essential. It schedules your exact times and lets you prioritize your tasks before you start working on them. 
  • Improves productivity – If you are one of the successful student athletes, productivity would mean a great deal. However, with the help of a planner, you can quickly improve your productivity in sports and educational assignments. 
  • Keeps you calm – Stress levels going through the roof are a part of every student-athlete nowadays. Luckily, your daily planner cancels out your anxiety and stress levels caused by the fear of failing to meet your university’s obligations.

It might be a little inconvenient at first to keep a planner on you at all times. However, if you observe, many successful people in life always keep a mini-planner with them. This is because they know the importance of time in life. So, keep a planner, use it, and all your problems of managing time will be solved automatically.

Complete Assignments according to the deadlines

One of the main reasons a student athlete’s time management is complex is that they forget to complete assignments according to chronological order. A general rule of thumb in doing college assignments is that you should always prioritize the work you got the earliest. However, sometimes the work you are assigned the earliest has a late deadline than the others. So, make sure that you first complete that assignment which has a deadline around the corner. 

This way, your work would not accumulate, and your burden would not increase. Apart from that, it would be much easier to take out the time for sports if you do not have any current workload on you. Thereby, it would increase your sporting productivity because you won’t have the thought of going home to work after a tiring game constantly revolving around your mind. 

Do not delay your assignments

A good tactic for managing your schedule if you are a student-athlete is to avoid procrastination at all costs. Procrastination is like a contagious disease; if your fellow athlete has it, then the chances are that you would catch it without even knowing. Now, you can’t just cut off with your friends; instead, you can complete your assignments the moment you are assigned. Make them your top priority, and then there is no way you would ever get addicted to procrastination. Who knows, maybe you even cure your friend of this, considering they procrastinate.

Do not take on responsibilities you cannot handle

College life is full of commitments. Sometimes relationships, while at other times, you have to show up somewhere. For instance, going to bars, nightclubs, and house parties is part of the usual college life. However, this takes too much of a commitment, the kind which you cannot afford. As you already have a busy schedule, you cannot afford to go to outings and gatherings, especially if you have an essential match to play or an assignment due. That is why refraining from taking too many responsibilities is one of the smartest moves.

Talk to your professors about the athletic life

If you are an introvert, then this might be a problem for you. However, don’t hesitate to communicate with your professors on the very first day of college. Tell them about how difficult it is to maintain your schedule. This way, they might even help you work out a solution.

 Uncompromised sleep schedule

Assignments should be number one on your priority list, but that does not mean you sacrifice your sleep schedule. Remember, if you are always tired during college, you will not function correctly in sports or education.

Time management for student athletes is not always going to be easy. You would need much sheer will, commitment, and dedication to pull off an optimal schedule. However, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can easily manage your time in education and sports.