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Maybe you want to shed a few pounds, pursue new health goals, start a hobby, or unwind after a stressful day. Whatever your reasons are, sports activities have plenty of upsides, particularly for modern-day office workers, leading sedentary lifestyles strapped to a desk.

Physical activity is crucial to prevent weight gain, improve mood, manage anxiety and sleep issues, and reduce risks of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Studies show that 3,800-9,800 steps a day could cut down the risks of dementia by as much as 25%-50%.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Even short periods of physical activity could help improve your health.” The benefits of regular workouts need no more convincing.

If you are willing to commit and start a new sports activity, you don’t need to do it all by yourself. A companion can make things a lot easier and more fun. But how can you find one, and what should you consider when choosing that perfect workout buddy? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Why Get a Workout Partner?

First, let’s understand why you may need a companion for physical activity. Some people prefer to do things on their own. But having a sports buddy could have distinct advantages.

  • Provides motivation

A workout partner could provide much-needed encouragement if a lack of motivation keeps you from exercising regularly.

  • Reduces anxiety

The thought of starting a new sport could instantly make some individuals anxious. They may be overly self-conscious or feel uncomfortable around groups of people. Anxiety might often prevent them from taking up new activities. Having someone you trust by your side could help ease much of this tension.

  • Makes physical activity fun

Music could be a nice distraction when working out. But a companion could be a lot more fun and exciting.

  • Holds you accountable

A workout buddy can help create consistency in your schedule by holding you accountable.

  • Makes learning faster

Learning is usually more impactful when you have a companion. For instance, you can clarify doubts, correct mistakes, and learn from each other.

How to Find a Companion for Sports Activities

Making new friends is challenging for most adults as they get trapped in repetitive routines, consumed by work and personal responsibilities. Looking for a workout buddy is even harder. So here are some tips for finding a partner for your sports activities.

  • Check with your friends and family

Someone close to you is the ideal workout partner since you probably already know their interests, goals, and temperament.

  • Ask a colleague

Starting a sports activity could be the perfect way to build stronger co-worker relationships.

  • Check with neighbors

A person who lives nearby could help save time and make meeting up substantially easier.

  • Join a sports club or gym

Gyms and sports clubs are excellent options for meeting people with similar interests in physical activities.

  • Connect with online community members

Special interest groups on social media could easily connect you with other sports enthusiasts.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Workout Buddy

Ultimately, not everyone who agrees to accompany you in your fitness regime would be a good match. Here’s what to consider when choosing a sports companion for the long haul.

  • Get to know them better

This is particularly important if you are considering someone you have met at a gym, sports club, or on social media. Sometimes, they may not be who you think they are, even if you have been chatting with them for months. Stalkers, scammers, and other criminals can often assume fake identities to win trust and target victims. This is especially prevalent on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Studies show that as many as 62% of Facebook users encounter a scam each week. So ensuring personal safety should be a top priority.

Before you have a discussion with someone about partnering up, spend enough time to get to know them better. Review their social media profiles, run a quick Google search, look them up on PhoneHistory, and check on shared friends and associates.

  • Understand their goals

You also need to ensure that you both share similar goals regarding your chosen physical activity. If you are serious about a sport and your companion only wants to pursue it occasionally, it will not be a good match. They are unlikely to provide the motivation and encouragement you expect from them.

  • Find out their interests

When there is little in common, it is going to be challenging to engage in a conversation for long. So, having similar interests in sports and other areas is essential. Besides, someone fun and upbeat can motivate you to go after your sports goals without dropping out too soon.

  • Check their schedule

Finding free time is tough with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. So be sure to check on your sports companion’s availability. If they have significant responsibilities and commitments in their work and personal lives, they might not commit to a consistent schedule as time goes by.

  • Consider their fitness level

Constantly struggling to keep up with a sports buddy could be a demotivating experience for anyone. Therefore, find a partner with similar fitness levels so you can keep pace and support each other.

To Sum Up

According to the WHO, physical inactivity costs governments USD 27 billion each year. A sedentary lifestyle could severely compromise your physical and mental well-being, sometimes with irreversible consequences. It is why regular sports activity is crucial.

Whether you plan on taking up tennis or want to go on an evening jog, a companion could provide that extra push and encouragement. They can help break the monotony of solo activities and make things more interesting. You will also learn from each other and create a more fulfilling experience.

But remember, not everyone will be a good match, and sometimes your workout companion may drop out after a while. Don’t let that discourage you: as you progress in your chosen activity, you will meet new people with similar interests. Finding a compatible partner for sports activities will eventually become easier.