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Not everyone knows that sports fan stands for fanatic. You probably know what a fanatic means: it’s someone who feels very passionately about something. If you’re a serious sports fan, you likely want to express your fandom in any way possible.

You can live a sports-centric lifestyle in many different ways. We’ll discuss a few of the best ones in the following article.


Play Fantasy Sports

Many people like to watch sports, but you might want to take it one step further and play fantasy sports as well. For instance, you can purchase a fantasy football draft kit and draft a team, and you can play with your friends, neighbors, family members, or coworkers.

You can also play in other fantasy leagues. Fantasy baseball exists, and you can find certain other examples if you look around and talk to other fans. However, most people feel like football, because of its format, lends itself best to the fantasy experience.

If you play fantasy football, you can enjoy the bragging rights when your team trounces another team and you stand at the leaderboard’s top during the season. You can call your friends and talk to them about your victories or text them at work to remind them that you’re dominant at this exciting, high-stakes activity.

Attend Games Live

You can also attend games live if you want to live a sports-centric life. You can watch football on TV, or you might watch soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, and many more. If you’re at a game or sporting event live, though, it feels different.

You can root for your favorite team or player, and they’ll actually hear you yelling for them. They might look your way and acknowledge that you’re there.

You might get them to sign a ball, jersey, hat, or something else before or after the game. Maybe you can take a selfie with one of your favorite players.

You can surround yourself with other sports fanatics who feel the same way you do. You’ll know you’re home when you hear them sing your team’s fight song and when the camera pans over the crowd. You may even see yourself on one of the big screens featured at live sporting events.

You Can Watch Sports on TV

If you can’t get to a game, you can always watch it on TV. You can’t cheer for your team or favorite players in person that way, but you can relax on your couch at home, and that’s fun as well. You can also go visit a friend or family member and watch the game at their house.

You might buy a big-screen TV so that you can get the most immersive game experience possible. TVs exist now that provide amazing, crystal-clear pictures. Most games also feature camera angles that show you each slide into home plate, each bicycle kick goal, and each touchdown pass with remarkable clarity and in full color.

You Can Get Your Favorite Player’s Jersey and Other Gear

You can also show that you’re a fan year-round with a player’s jersey. You can shop around online and find one that fits you. You might have a few different jerseys if you like many different players. You can buy ones for current players and ones from bygone years.

You might buy a shirt or cap if you can’t afford an official, licensed jersey. You might buy a jacket if you want one. You can find virtually any gear to wear, especially if you like a popular team with a large, cult-like following.

You can get team pendants or flags as well. You might feature them on your property or fly one from your car. You can proclaim to the world that you love a particular team and support them at all times.

You Can Create a Room Dedicated to Your Team

If you love one team and always watch their games, either in-person or on TV, you might create a room in your house where you feature all the memorabilia you’ve collected. Maybe you have a signed baseball or football. Perhaps you’ve got a comfortable easy chair upholstered in your team’s colors.

You can get a light-up sign with the team logo. You might have a prized jersey under glass in that room. You can have a veritable shrine to that team, and you can show it to anyone who visits the house. That way, they’ll know you’re not just a fan but a true fanatic.