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Summer is just around the corner. And when it comes, it means beach and more skin, especially if you want to take the water months as an opportunity to get that perfect tan. But are you summer ready yet?

Truth be told, summer is the time that many people also cram to get that beach body they want. But, how do you prepare for it? Here are some useful tips.


Exercise is one of the first things that come into people’s minds when talking about achieving that summer body. As per seasoned fitness gurus from Critical Body, this will help you lose unwanted fats better and tone your muscles. You can utilize different gym equipment and follow workout routines for this.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t only keep your body fit. Proper exercise can also help with your mental well-being as it aids in producing happy hormones and keeps you busy, preventing uncontrollable and unwanted thoughts.

Proper Diet

Of course, all that gym subscriptions and sweating aren’t always good enough to achieve your body goals, be it for the summer season or not. Apparently, you also need to watch what you’re eating as you can’t just exercise off those unhealthy fats out. If you eat a healthy diet, you’ll be able to lose weight and build lean muscles faster and safer.

Eggs, salmon, chicken breast, lean beef, and soybeans are some of the good foods you can consume to help you achieve your body goals faster. This is because they help with building lean muscle. If you want to lose weight, you might want to stay away from unhealthy foods too as they are high in calories and contain saturated fats, which can cause weight gain.


Losing weight may not be as easy as popping a pill. But, some pills might help you get the right vitamins and minerals that can help your body to function better as you’re trying to lose weight.

Some of them are the B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate, and cobalamin), which are helpful in metabolizing fats, carbs, and proteins. Iron also helps with burning fat.

Protein shakes are also used to lose belly fat and gain lean muscle faster. However, make sure not to take it without exercise, as too much of it with less workout could also lead to weight gain.


Sleep is important when you’re losing weight. This is because when you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces more ghrelin, a chemical in your body that signals the brain that you need to eat. Lack of sleep can also cause your body to produce less leptin, a hormone that tells your body to stop eating.

Because of this, you won’t control your body, and you’ll frequently feel hungry. Thus, leading to weight gain. But if you have adequate sleep, your hormones are balanced. Plus, you’re able to stay alert, keeping yourself busy and preventing food cravings.

Health experts recommend adults get seven to eight hours. So, be sure to get enough sleep too if you’re trying to lose weight, especially for the coming summer season. Remember, lack of sleep can also affect your skin condition too. What’s the point of having a good body if you look haggard?

Actually, it’s not enough that you get long hours of sleep, it’s also a must that you get good quality sleep too. This means reaching the REM or the rapid eye movement of your sleep cycle, which usually comes around 90 minutes after you fall asleep.

During this part of your sleep cycle, your brain is at its most active. It’s also the part where you begin to dream. The REM can affect your mood and emotions, so make sure to get the most out of it each night. To achieve perfect REM, make sure to sleep on a regular schedule instead of sleeping whenever you want to.

Record Your Progress

Just like in any other things that you do, it is important to record your progress. This way, you’ll know what you need to do to get to your goal, even if there will come a time when you feel lost.

Doing this will also help you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey. This is because it will help with reminding you why you started and why you should keep going.

Through this, you will also be able to tell if your routine is working or not. Thus, you’ll know how you can track and tweak your workout or your diet to make it better and achieve your body goals faster.

At first, it can be discouraging to see you slowly progress towards your dream body, but everything will feel a breeze once you begin seeing actual progress. You’ll be more inspired to lose weight.

Count The Calories

Calorie counting is a process where you calculate your calorie intake on a regular basis. The human body has a suggested amount of how many calories you can take per day. As a general rule of thumb, you should lose more than you gain to lose weight. 

Remember, your body burns around 200 calories without a workout daily, so take this into consideration as well. 

Don’t Quit

Getting that ideal body you want isn’t always easy, even if there are already different supplements and other solutions that will aid your workout. Thus, many people often lose hope as they don’t instantly see any changes in their bodies. But, don’t lose hope.

It’s normal if you don’t see any physical changes yet, especially if it has only been days since you started. It takes time and effort and, honestly, it can be tiring. But, if you persevere, you look back, you’d be surprised by your progress. Remember, small and slow progress is still progress. So, don’t be disheartened.

It’s understandable if you want to improve your body for the summer. But, remember, it’s important that you keep your body fit and strong no matter what the season is.