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Sports are an integral part of every child’s growing up. Children take part in group sports to learn the values of teamwork and collaboration, as well as responsibility. It helps greatly to keep the mind and the body fit and healthy. Sports play an important role in developing young people and are able to teach them a diverse range of skills, especially in school or college. The skills include but are not limited to a sense of healthy competition, good interaction and communication skills, and physical flexibility and activeness. 

College is not just about sports, but also about learning how to write. Essay writing is an extremely enjoyable task when you know what to write. If you have a topic in mind, i.e., sports, all you have to do is plan out the structure of your essay and start writing. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind to write a great essay on sports.

Plan out a structure

Just like with any essay, writing an essay on sports requires you to plan out a clear structure before writing it. In this outline, you will create headings and subheadings in which you’ll write the main content of the essay. Essays and other long-form writings are not readable if they’re written in one big paragraph. They must be divided into paragraphs, with headings, subheadings, bullet points, and other elements that can engage and lead the reader.

Start with the introduction

The most crucial part of an essay is its introduction, as it can determine whether your reader decides to continue reading or move on to a different essay. In the introduction, you want to describe what your essay is about, in a brief and appealing manner. After this, you want to give them a sneak peek of what they can look forward to in the essay. If the essay is about volleyball, what exactly are you talking about in the essay? The different fouls? Basic rules? A particular team? Be specific.

Understand your intent to write the essay

Nowadays, students have access to all the knowledge they can get. I can ask someone to write my lab report for class by simply searching for good writers online. This is why it is clear to define your intent behind writing the essay. Your reader wants to know what they will gain from reading it. Most essays are meant to be educative and informative while being entertaining at the same time. You do not want to bore the reader by getting stuck on a factoid for long. Understand what your intention behind writing the essay is, and you can maybe even communicate it to the reader.

Conduct necessary research on the topic

Conducting important research to educate yourself and know what your topic is about is key. You can only teach someone else something when you are knowledgeable on the topic. Conduct research using different sources like books, newspapers, interviews, questionnaires, and previously-written essays to write a great essay on sports. You should be able to back up everything you claim in the essay with sources. For example, if you say that students should play sports during exams, explain to your readers why.

Condense information into readable sentences

Anyone can write an essay. What you want to focus on is to write one that is remembered by your readers for a long time. An essay on sports will stand out if you’re able to take a lot of information and condense it into something palatable and easy to digest for the reader. Assume that your reader is a novice, an absolute beginner, to what you’re introducing them to. Communicate what you want to tell them in bite-sized sentences that are easy to read and understand. Use simple words, good grammar, and direct your readers through the essay.

Finish with a solid conclusion

A great way to end an essay is to write an impactful conclusion that stays with the reader. You can also do the same by communicating your personal opinion on the topic of the essay. The conclusion should wrap up the essay and tie all loose ends.

Final Words

Now that we have described the various things you need to keep in mind to write a great essay on sports, what are you waiting for? Go write a mind-blowing essay that can educate and entertain readers.

Author’s Bio – Joanne Eliot

Joanne is an author with years of experience in writing about sports. She contributes to her local newspaper with writing tips for students. She also teaches Creative Writing to students at a language school.