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An extreme sport is dangerous or adventurous and often involves heights, speed, a heavy element of danger, and physical strength. In most cases, people only see these sports in videos and might need to travel abroad to see them. While visiting foreign countries to watch these sports, use this site to send postcards and letters to your family members. Let’s explore some of these sports.

"Berlin Base Jumping"

Base Jumping

The sport involves jumping off a cliff or a mountain. All the participants must be highly fit and have a good physical and mental state. The participants should carry equipment, such as a parachute, boots, gloves, helmet, and harness. When jumping off a cliff, the participants need to be aware of their surroundings so they wouldn’t hurt themselves and others around them.

The players use a parachute to drop to the ground without hurting themselves. It is considered an extreme sport due to the dangers involved. For instance, one might encounter obstacles on the ground or small landing spaces or experience a low attitude. Hence, it requires a lot of skills to minimize accidents. If you’ve seen this sport in videos, it might seem impossible until you see it face-to-face.

Bungee Jumping

People usually jump from high places such as manmade cliffs, canyons, waterfalls, and tall buildings. However, the players in this sport use a bungee cord, which is a tool that enables them to jump from any height without injuring themselves or others around them. The elastic cord is fixed tight on their body to offer enhanced safety.

Bungee jumping seems dangerous and thrilling, especially when the participants jump from extremely high heights. But the beauty of this sport lies in the fact that it requires a lot of physical strength, skills, and agility.


The sport requires the players to have good diving and climbing skills. The player might go underwater to discover and explore caves. It is only possible to enter caves using special equipment such as snorkel, scuba gear, and masks. The participants must be cautious if their equipment gets damaged, thus making them vulnerable to accidents.

The sport attracts attention and follows a lot of risks, hence being among the extreme sports you should see to believe. If the equipment fails to work, the participants might face many accidents, such as drowning, suffocation, broken bones, and heart attacks. Therefore, completing this extreme sport requires a lot of skill and courage.

Free Flying

In this sport, the players free fall from a high place to the ground while making crazy flips and maneuvers. The players must have excellent physical and mental strength. All the equipment used in this sport is specially designed to increase safety. In some cases, military parachutes might be used to ensure safety.

In case of accidents, bruises, broken bones, and death are very likely. Therefore, it requires skill and courage to make it successful without any injuries or accidents.

Ice Climbing

Most people consider climbing up a mountain on the ice an extreme sport. Ice climbing requires many skills, such as adequate strength, agility, and skill in climbing. Moreover, it uses crampons to defy gravity and walk across thin layers of ice without hurting themselves.

The sport involves the risk of falling from heights and cold weather. Players who fail to balance or slip might fall and incur serious injuries. The participants should be aware of their surroundings while climbing on ice, as completing this sport takes a lot of courage.

Freestyle Scootering

Freestyle scootering involves skillful balance, coordination, and agility skills. This sport is performed using scooters. The participants must use their physical strength and endurance to balance the scooters without falling off them. They have to avoid or jump over every obstacle while staying safe.

The adrenaline-filled sport presents the possibility of severe accidents when the participants fall. The accidents could range from broken limbs to death. Hence, it requires a lot of practice before participating in extreme competition.

Free Soloing

Free soloing is performed by the players while wearing harnesses. The participants must be physically fit and have a good sense of balance to stay safe. It is only possible to complete this extreme sport using ropes and climbing aids such as gear handles and ice axes.

The sport presents a great risk when the equipment fails. It could result in death or disability. For instance, the player could fall off the mountain and incur serious injuries such as broken bones. They might also be injured by falling rocks or trees if they lose their balance.

Inline Skating

Inline skating mainly includes tricks and stunts that are performed on inline skates. The participants’ chances of injury or death are minimal when they follow instructions during training and competition.

Players who fail to complete a stunt fall incur injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, or paralysis. Hence, it requires agility, strength, and mental ability to execute the stunts without failing.

Extreme sports are hazardous and require many skills and courage to succeed. Completing these extreme sports is possible using special equipment, skills, and physical strength. These sports might seem impossible until you see them face-to-face.