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Paintball is a fun and challenging game. However, if you want to turn from a beginner into a pro, make sure to purchase quality gear, like paintball gloves, a suitable gun, and a good mask. When you are looking for a suitable paintball mask, you have to make sure it is comfortable, provides great protection for the ears, mouth, nose and eyes and it has excellent lens.Some paintball players refer to it as goggles. Irrespective of how you call it, a paintball mask is an important piece of safety equipment.

Before ordering one of the paintball masks available on the market, you should go to a paintball store and try out some masks. This way, you will know exactly which shape and type of mask suit you. The mask should firmly fit your face. Therefore, you have to tighten the back strap. To see whether is appropriate for your way of fighting, you should walk around with it, jump and duck down to see whether it remains on your head.The mask’s lens is meant to protect you against paintballs. Read this list of the coolest paintball masks that you can find on the market.

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1.    OneTigris Tactical PJ Helmet with Protective Goggle

This mask is suitable if you want to play either paintball or airsoft. These games have earned great popularity in recent times. The main accessories are guns and helmets. Nevertheless, the helmet is meant to protect the entire head, being one of the most important piece of your paintball equipment. This is a quality product that you can find in a wide range of colors, like Multicam, OD Green, Tan and many others. The helmet is lightweight, boosting comfort and facilitating portability. To offer a comfortable fit, the interior of the mask is padded.

2.    Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles

Some say that paintball is not only a fun game but also an expensive one. Since there are several types of paintball, manufacturers had to develop accessories to suit all tastes and needs. This paintball mask has a mid-range price tag but offers high-end performance. The mask has a smoke lens that provides maximum protection for the eyes, improving vision even in smoky environments. This product features a goggle strap to provide greater comfort. Besides providing safety, the lens also offers UV protection. The chromatic lenses also contribute to an improved performance.

3.    Valken Annex MI-7 Tactical Mask & Goggles

The mask has numerous features that can help any player turn from a beginner into a pro. It has a dual pane lens, being equipped with a hard coat to impro durability and design. The mask has a thermal lens system, also providing scratch resistance and wind resistance, and a durable polycarbonate construction. Furthermore, it is also lightweight, providing best comfort. In case an unfortunate event happens, you should know that the lens is replaceable.


4.    HK Army KLR Paintball Mask

This paintball mask features one of the most popular paintball goggles on the market, namely the Vforce profiler. The mask is made of quality thermoplastic elastomers that can bounce off paintballs no matter how hard they hit you. On the inside, the mask has comfortable padding, a PVTLock lens-rotation system and high-density earpieces. The mask provides high-definition optically correct view due to the double pane. The paintball mask also has forehead foam, three HDPE inserts and KLR goggles.

5.    VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask

The main focus of the manufacturer when designing this mask was safety and quality. The mask features a quick-release lens changing system in case something goes wrong and the lens breaks. Generally, players are interested in such a characteristic, searching for top quality. The mask has unique design and the goggles are very durable and provide great comfort. This paintball mask features a thermal dual pane lens that has anti-fog properties while also being scratch and wind resistant.

When you want to become the best at this game, you surely want to find quality gear. Therefore, you should search for the right paintball mask that can help you ace your game and keep you safe. Providing safety is not enough. You should also search for a comfortable mask, with great lenses that offer the best vision even during difficult weather conditions. Make sure you know all the important features a paintball mask should have and find the most suitable one for you.